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The Green House: Your source book for spring

Mood-enhancing colour Samantha Gibson

Samantha Gibson

Create your happy place with a restorative colour palette

Serene blue

Blue is the colour of the summer sky and the open sea. It inspires feelings of calm and serenity which can in turn be beneficial to our health - slowing down breathing, reducing feelings of stress and lowering blood pressure. So, choose blues for those rooms where you really want to feel relaxed – living rooms, bedrooms and even bathrooms. Pale blues will feel fresh and reviving, while mid-blues are best for infusing spaces with a tranquil ambience. Darker blues add drama and should be pared with warmer accents and soft textiles so they feel cocooning.

A living room with Oralia Ochre Curtains and Howard Natural Roman blinds

Energising yellow

Just as the warming rays of the sun can instantly lift the spirit, choosing sunny yellow hues for your décor can make you feel positive and energised. This uplifting shade is perfect for social spaces such as kitchens, living rooms and hallways, setting a welcoming and lively tone. Pale yellows can subtly lift a neutral space, while vibrant yellows add more of a punch to your interior. Shades of mustard and ochre have warm undertones which feel more restful, so are perfect for bedrooms. 


Playful pink

Pink is no longer reserved just for little girl’s bedrooms; it’s fast becoming the go-to neutral for grown up spaces too. Warm and welcoming, pink promotes intense feelings of calm and in fact, the more pink you’re exposed to, the more zen-like you’ll become. Sludgy pinks with grey or purple undertones are a great choice for your first foray into this delicate neutral. Paler pinks feel cooler, but mix with complementary pastels such as mint and lilac for a fresh and modern feel. Hot pink and fuchsia can overwhelm a space, so use sparingly on a feature wall or as accent shades to add a pop of personality to your space.


Modern Living Room with Floral Patterned Roller Blind

Revitalising green

Green is associated with new beginnings, so naturally feels restorative and life-affirming. In some cultures green is a symbol of prosperity, and leafy greens are the power foods of our time, boosting our physical health and cleansing our bodies and mind. In almost all its variations, the colour green feels innately restful and restorative. Add in a floral motif and you instantly feel more connected to nature and the outdoors. Sage and chartreuse are the most versatile shades, while deep moss and rich emerald can create the perfect cossetting canvas for bold furnishings and accessories. And don’t forget to add in living, natural greenery for its enriching texture and variation of tone.


Fresh looks for spring

Choose your palette

Conservatory with roof and side blinds

Energy efficient blinds and curtains

With expert tips and clever ideas to fill your home with healing natural light, this comprehensive guide is full of inspiration and seasonal styles you’ll love.

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Living room with custom colour shutters in bay window

The Green Edit

The green edit is a celebration of nature’s palette, with layers of tone-on-tone green combined with pale pink and lilac.

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