Living room blinds

The perfect living room blinds will dress your window wonderfully, finishing your whole lounge with a look that mirrors your taste. You’ll find all the colours and patterns needed to achieve your desired look in our range. One of our advisors will give you plenty of help to find exactly what you’re looking for during an in-home appointment.

  • Made-to-measure
  • Designer collaborations and capsule collections
  • Wide range of blind types
  • Personalise with finishing touches

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Why you’ll love living room blinds

A lounge should be a comforting, social space – somewhere personal to you. Make sure yours meets your tastes and needs by finding the perfect finishing touch in our living room blinds range. Here’s more on why you’ll love living room blinds.

Living room blinds give you an opportunity to complement your big ideas with your decorative elements. For an understated colour scheme, think of coordinating with a neutral fabric or contrasting with a bold material. Looking for a showstopper? Then browse our range of fashionable patterns, for edgy, sophisticated or contemporary finishes.

Choose living room blinds in a sheer fabric to veil your lounge while allowing plenty of sunshine to flood in. Alternatively, you might prefer blackout or glare-reduction styles, which are great for stopping the sun getting in your eyes while you’re trying to relax.

Find your perfect living room blinds during an in-home appointment

The perfect setting for choosing new living room blinds is … your lounge, of course. And that’s what you have a chance to do during an in-home appointment with Hillarys.

One of our advisors will bring our entire living room blinds range to you. You’ll hear expert tips about picking the right colour, pattern and fabric for your lounge. And you’ll have a chance to see how each of your favourite designs looks and works with your décor, so you’ll know your final pick is harmonious with your lounge. What’s more, you advisor will measure up and give you a quote.

Your choice, made-to-measure for your window

Having made-to-measure living room blinds will give your lounge a bespoke look – a look that says you care. As well as being made to your window measurements, your living room blind can be further tailored to your taste with a selection of personalising touches.

And your advisor will return to fit your living room blinds, making sure you’re delighted with the results.