Voile Curtains

Voile curtains will dress your window with a sheer, veil-like fabric. So your room is bathed in plenty of sunshine, while keeping a sense of privacy. Here’s why you’ll love Voile curtains. 

  • A practical solution to daylight privacy issues
  • An unlined option that takes up minimal space
  • Team with curtains or blinds for a softer feel
  • Use alone to make the most of feature windows

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Why would I choose Voile curtains?

Is your house overlooked? Do you have street-level windows with lots of people walking past? Does your room ever feel exposed?

If you’ve answered yes at all, then Voile curtains are something you should consider. The sheer fabric will veil your room with privacy, but still let you enjoy a light and airy feeling of openness.

And aside from being functional, Voile curtains have a lovely decorative feel, coming in many styles to suit all tastes.

So what options do I have?

You’re in luck. Our Voile curtains come in five designs and 24 colour options. You can also pick a header type, so that’s eyelet, pencil pleat, and pinch pleat. You’ve plenty of options to get the look you want.

Can I team Voile curtains with other window dressings?

Absolutely. Voile curtains look amazing when layered with other window dressings. The sheer fabric is so light it takes up next to no space. Combine Voile curtains with normal curtains or blinds and have the best of both worlds. You can create a light and airy vibe while veiling your room or you can completely block out the world as you wish.

Voile curtains look absolutely stunning, with delicate folds of translucent woven fabric providing a gorgeous glow at the window. They offer a practical solution to privacy issues during the daytime too; try them as an up-to-date, and far more fashionable, alternative to net curtains that will let the light in during the daytime, while keeping prying eyes out.

And there’s more. Voiles are wonderfully flexible – combine with blinds to soften the overall appearance at the window and to provide a romantic, feminine feel. Or use alone at a window for a more minimal look. This style of curtain isn’t lined so it doesn’t take up much room when pulled back from the window and is ideal where space is at a premium.

Voile curtains are available in five fabrics design and 24 colour options to suit any style of décor.  A range of header types, including eyelet, pencil pleat and pinch pleat, helps create different effects and can be co-ordinated with other curtains at the window.