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Pleated blinds

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    Bali Ivory
    Conservatory Roof Pleated Blind
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    Aquarelle Multi
    Conservatory Roof Pleated Blind
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    Bali Petrol
    Conservatory Roof Pleated Blind
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    Botanic White
    Conservatory Roof Pleated Blind
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    George Clarke tackles temperature control with Conservatory blinds

    George Clarke’s Ways with Garden Rooms

    TV presenter George Clarke explains how innovative roof blinds can help tackle temperature control in conservatories.

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    Find a style you love with our conservatory roof blinds

    Temperature control is one of the key reasons our customers choose conservatory roof blinds. In summer, sunshine blazes through the conservatory roof, while in winter, essential heat escapes through the same route. The good news is that our specialist fabrics can moderate these extremes, so you can enjoy your conservatory in all conditions.

    Ask your in-home advisor about our SolarPleat™ fabrics. These have a performance coating that reflects the sun, actively preventing light from being absorbed in summer while offering an insulating layer in winter.

    Our Conservatory blinds are extremely versatile. You can combine different styles or colours for the roof and the window, or mix and match performance fabrics to tackle specific problem areas. And to make sure your roof blinds always look their best, our TruePleat™ and MasterPleat™ technology ensure the pleats remain neat, smart and uniform for years to come.

    For the perfect finishing touch, our conservatory roof blinds can be operated manually or, if you prefer, opt for our electric option with a simple remote control for the ultimate convenience.