Five tips for bringing vintage charm to modern interiors

Blending vintage charm with modern living can transform your home into a unique reflection of your personality and style.

by Soozi Danson

Interior squad

Published: 27/06/2024

Blending vintage charm with modern living can transform your home into a unique reflection of your personality and style. It's all about balancing the old and the new, creating a harmonious yet eclectic environment that tells your story. Whether you're a seasoned vintage enthusiast or just dipping your toes into the retro waters, these five tips will help you add character and warmth to every corner of your home.

1. Hunt for heroes, not just pieces

Don’t settle for generic! Seek out vintage pieces with unique stories and character. A statement armchair with worn velvet might be the perfect conversation starter, while mismatched china adds a touch of whimsical elegance.

2. Modernise with a brushstroke

Give vintage pieces a new lease of life with a fresh coat of paint. A bold pop of colour on an old dresser or a metallic update on a tarnished frame can breathe new life into these treasures.

3. Layer with love

Vintage thrives on juxtaposition. Mix and match eras and styles to create a layered and visually interesting space. Pair a midcentury sideboard with a modern lamp, or layer a retro rug over a contemporary polished concrete floor.

4. Let the light shine through

Layer patterned curtains with sheer Voiles to gently diffuse the light. This natural glow will highlight the warmth and character of your aged wood, worn fabrics, and antique metals, making your vintage space truly shine.

5. Dare to experiment

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Embrace the unexpected and have fun creating a space that reflects your unique personality and style. Remember, vintage charm is all about telling your story through the things you love.

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