Day and Night blinds

Day & Night blinds are smart and practical, a combination we love. Their design is a really interesting and incredibly sleek way of controlling light and privacy and they can be motorised. Your local advisor always measures and fits for a snug finish.

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Diffuse Raven Enlight Day & Night Roller blind in living room

What are Day & Night blinds?

Day and Night blinds combine adjustable panels of sheer and opaque fabric, which glide over each other to create different effects. Gently filter the light and benefit from daytime privacy, or block the light completely. You can pull the blind up completely too.

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Day & Night blinds
Day & Night blinds

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  • Daybreak brown which is a dark brown wood textured swatch that is striped with white
    Daybreak Brown
    Day & Night Blind
  • Swatch of dawn ivory that is cream and white  in a striped pattern
    Dawn Ivory
    Day & Night Blind
  • Light grey horizontal stripes matched with white
    Dawn Light Grey
    Day & Night Blind
  • Stripes of cream and white in a repeating horizontal pattern that makes up the nightfall cream swatch
    Nightfall Cream
    Day & Night Blind
  • A white wood textured swatch striped horizontal with plain white
    Daybreak White
    Day & Night Blind
  • Light grey and white striped swatch of nightfall silver grey
    Nightfall Silver Grey
    Day & Night Blind
  • Grey wood texture swatch which has horizontal striped matched with white
    Daybreak Taupe
    Day & Night Blind
  • Nightfall slate swatch in a striped pattern of dark grey and white
    Nightfall Slate Grey
    Day & Night Blind
  • price promise, same service, same product, we'll match the price
  • Nightfall white swatch which is made with horizontal stripes of light grey and white
    Nightfall White
    Day & Night Blind
  • A swatch designed with horizontal stripes of cream and white called dawn natural
    Dawn Natural
    Day & Night Blind
  • Electric Blinds
    Electric Blinds
  • price promise, same service, same product, we'll match the price
  • Electric Blinds
    Electric Blinds
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    Daybreak white day and night blinds in living room bay window

    Electric Day and Night blinds

    Make your Day and Night blinds electric. They’re easy to operate with a handy little remote, and they’re smart compatible too, which gives you the option of controlling via an app on your phone or using Alexa or Google Assistant.

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    Expert advice from the comfort of home Day & Night blinds were the perfect solution for the large windows in customer Gennie's home in Crumlin

    Advisor photo

    Perfect for light control

    Gennie, Hillarys customer in South Dublin

    “We’re so happy with our Day and Night blinds. They let us control the amount of heat and light that comes in, which is perfect when the room gets hot in the afternoons."

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    What is the difference between Electric and Smart Blinds?

    Our electric blinds are powered by Somfy's marketing leading motorised technology. When fitting your blinds your local advisor will install a small, hidden motor unit that is connected to a remote handset, letting you control your blinds with the simple touch of a button.

    If you choose to make your electric blinds Smart, you'll still be able to use the remote, but will also have the option to control your blinds with a mobile app or via voice command. The Somfy  Smart Hub gives you even great flexibility to control the light, privacy and security by connecting to your Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or mobile phone so you can control your blinds even when away from home

    Somfy's motorised and smart technology is available on Roller, Roman, Day & Night, Faux Wood and Wooden Venetians, and Pleated Roof blinds.

    What are the benefits of Day & Night Roller blinds?

    Day & Night Roller blinds are a great choice for bedrooms and rooms that are at street level or are overlooked, as they provide daytime privacy while still allowing lots of light into your home. These fabric blinds will give you a soft finish and texture for your windows.

    Can I get a motorised Day & Night blind?

    Motorised controls are available for Day & Night blinds, allowing you to conveniently adjust the position of your blinds at the simple touch of a button.

    Are Day & Night blinds available in Blackout fabrics?

    The lightweight and semi-sheer qualities of these blinds mean that they aren’t available in blackout fabrics. However, we do offer dim-out options with our Dusk and Nightfall ranges, which provides extra control over light levels in your home. To achieve maximum levels of darkness in the home, we recommend layering curtains with blackout linings over your Day & Night Roller blinds.

    What rooms are Day & Night blinds suitable for?

    Our Day & Night blinds are the perfect window dressing for contemporary spaces, wide windows and glass expanses thanks to their sleek and modern design. They are ideal for bedrooms too, as they allow you to control the light and have daytime privacy, so you can have the best of both worlds. Available in a range of different shades, you can choose the right colour to match your space.

    What we say about Day & Night blinds

    Great for...
    • Any style and budget
    • Creating a soft and contemporary look while providing privacy and light control
    • Maintaining privacy - translucent fabric panels allow light in, but help keep prying eyes out
    • Controlling light – slide the panels open to let in light, or slide closed to reduce light coming in
    • Upgrade with electric motorisation for remote control operation 
    Things to consider...
    • Day & Night blinds are made from fabric panels which glide over each other during operation. They do not have individual louvres
    • These blinds are not suitable for sloping or shaped windows. Vertical blinds are a great alternative for sloped shapes, and shutters are a stylish solution for sloping and shaped windows

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