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How to keep your home cool with energy efficient window solutions

by Yvonne Keal

Product Management specialist

Published: 04/05/2016

Updated: 09/05/2023

We'll help you find the right solutions to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

A good dose of sunshine is good for the soul. But too much sun shining in through your windows can create an uncomfortably warm environment and unwanted glare.

With the right blinds, curtains or shutters you can make the most of the sunshine and stay comfortable. We’re here to show you how…

Thermal blinds for keeping cool

For areas with lots of smaller windows - such as conservatories - Thermal blinds in a Perfect Fit frame add a neat, streamlined finish and boost the insulating qualities of the blind by sealing any gaps around the edges.

The innovative honeycomb fabric traps a layer of air, forming a layer of insulation, which helps regulate temperatures all year round, cooling down the room in summer and keeping it warm in winter.


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Daybreak white day and night blinds in living room bay window

Best for filtering light

Day and Night Roller blinds offer the dual benefit of gently filtering light and blocking out strong sunlight, all in one clever design.

These blinds have two fabric layers that slide over each other to create different effects at the window.

Choose the translucent option to filter sunlight, and move to the opaque position when you want to block strong sunlight and stay cool.


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Best blinds for flexible solutions

TransitionTM Pleated blinds are hugely flexible, giving you tremendous control over light and temperature.

They’re especially suited to rooms that suffer extremes of temperature, such as conservatories.

Consisting of two Pleated blind fabrics built into one blind, you can select different fabrics to suit your specific requirements. 

Choose a sheer fabric to make the most of the sun during the day, and team with a blackout fabric to control strong sun, or a thermal fabric for evenings and cooler days. Fabrics with a sun reflective coating help prevent light from being absorbed in the summer and offer an insulating layer in winter, allowing you to enjoy your conservatory all year round.


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Blackout blinds for sunny windows

South facing rooms that get a lot of sun can become uncomfortably warm in the summer months, so a blackout solution is a must.

Roller blinds in blackout fabrics are great for kitchens and bathrooms, Vertical blinds are ideal for wide windows and doors and Roman blinds with blackout linings are a luxuriously soft option for living rooms and bedrooms.


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Best sheer blinds

Sun worshippers should choose a sheer or semi-sheer Roller blind fabric to take the edge off the full rays of the sun, while still allowing plenty of light into the home.

However, if the early morning sun disrupts your sleep, you can make an exception in the bedroom by choosing a Roller blind in a blackout fabric, or by layering different styles together for maximum flexibility.

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Best for sunrooms

Sunroom and glass extensions with bi-fold doors and large glazed windows are wonderful additions to your home.

However, they can cause glare, as well as making dining areas and other social spaces feel uncomfortably bright. Vertical blinds are the perfect choice for these areas as the louvres gently filter the light, creating a comfortable environment.

They're available in a range of contemporary designs and performance fabrics to perfectly suit your interior décor and lifestyle.


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Best for summer sun

Summer is a lovely time for creating a light and breezy feel at your window, and Voile curtains can help you do just that.

They gently filter strong sunlight without reducing light levels, and they have the added benefit of providing a level of daytime privacy for rooms that are overlooked.


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Best for bedrooms

Early morning and late evening sun can cause havoc, especially in bedrooms and south facing rooms. So it’s important to have a flexible solution in place to block unwanted sunlight.

Layering curtains over blinds will help you create a really dark environment when you need to. For maximum darkness layer curtains with a blackout lining over a blind in a blackout fabric.


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Best all-round solutions

Wooden shutters are great for keeping rooms cool when the temperature rises, creating a cosy feel during cooler months and for controlling light all year round.

And because they’re available in different louvre widths, you decide just how much light you want to let into your home.

Tilt the slats closed when the sun is at its hottest to keep rooms feeling cool, and open them fully to make the most of a gorgeous sunny morning. 


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