Pearl olive green floor length pinch pleat curtains paired with voiles in cosy living room

Natural interior style

Samantha Gibson

by Samantha Gibson

Trend and Styling Expert

Published: 09/01/2023

Celebrate the raw beauty of the natural world in your interior with these down to earth trends

Experimental and environmentally aware, the Biophilic design trend is taking the interior world by storm. Shown to boost wellbeing and lower stress, it's all about using the materials around us to create exciting interiors with an enticingly rustic feel, combining natural materials, organic textures and greenery.

Here's our hand-picked ideas for how you can celebrate the beauty and rawness of the natural world in your home.


Cosy neutrals

There’s something comfortingly rugged about these curtains in Boheme Hemp. In this reading nook they help to create a neutral setting, balancing out the creamy tones and playing up to the texture.

Combine with heavy fabrics, like coir, sisal, hessian, from floor coverings to plant pots to complete the naturally cosy look.

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Eco-friendly fabrics

The need for sustainable design has never been more important and we’re proud to offer our range of recycled Roller blind fabrics manufactured from 100% recycled polyester yarn, originating from recycled PET polyester plastic bottles.

By choosing sustainable fabrics, we’re able to deliver the same high quality performance blinds with a smaller environmental impact, so not only are you creating a look that will help bring calm and serenity to you and your home, you’re also creating a more sustainable home.


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Natural bamboo

For a bolder look that’s still warm and inviting, introduce shades of soft amber into your palette. These Vivado Russet Roman blinds bring a boho style to this living space with red-brown, charcoal and pale grey hues blurring and blending for a really soft finish.

Natural jute rugs, wicker belly baskets and macramé dreamcatchers celebrate all things artisan, while animal skin throws lend an almost primitive, tribal feel. 


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Rare qualities

This look is all about taking raw ingredients and mixing them together to create innovative and exciting interiors. The juxtaposition of natural, worn-down and painted wood tones with the rigid plastic panelling transforms this dining room into a futuristic and visionary space.

Tropical greenery breathes life into the room, while a wave header style allows the curtains to drape in soft, rippling folds, enhancing the natural, laid-back feel.  


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Tropical greens

The lush, vibrant blooms of our Greenery Tropical Roller blinds can thrive in any home environment.

At these patio doors, we’ve chosen a Perfect Fit frame which simply clips onto the uPVC windows with the Roller blinds fitting snugly inside for a really sleek and streamlined look.


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