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Custom colour green shutters in living room

How to dress bay windows

with George Clarke

Samantha Gibson

by Samantha Gibson

Trend and Styling Expert

Published: 17/08/2017

Updated: 08/12/2020

Although they are usually associated with period properties, bay windows can be found in contemporary homes too. So if you’re lucky enough to have one in your home, it’s vital to make the most of it.

Because there are many different types of bay windows - from angled bay to multifaceted bay and bow windows - and the shape of each is unique, it’s important to select a bespoke window covering that will fit perfectly. This where made-to-measure window dressings really shine, as they're crafted to fit every nook and cranny perfectly.

We’ve put together a handy guide to help you decide on the best finish for your bay window:

1. Identifying the issues

A bay window will open up a home far more than a normal window. This lets in much sought-after sunlight and is one of the reason’s bay windows are so popular.

But it’s these benefits that are also the downsides of bay windows. Sometimes the sunlight coming in will be too much and sometimes privacy will be an issue because of people being able to look in from all angles.

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2. Managing light and privacy

Bay windows increase the flow of natural light into your home and give you views of the outside that you wouldn’t get with an ordinary window. To emphasise this, pick out lightweight Rollers or sheer Pleated blinds, which create a lovely ambience by allowing sunlight to gently filter into your room.

Roller blinds in a sheer fabric are a good choice for bay windows, as they also offer enhanced levels of daytime privacy while still allowing a lovely diffuse sunlight to fill a room.

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3. Cosy up with fully-lined fabrics

Roman blinds offer a gorgeous, soft fabric option, which can be set at different heights to create an interesting look, but also sit neatly within your window recess for a neat and streamlined finish.

Fully-lined curtains are perfect for creating a sophisticated finish, floor-to-ceiling drama and a warm and cosy ambience.

And as bay windows use more glass than a normal window, there is a small chance of further heat escaping from them. If you’re worried about getting chilly, you can create an extra cosy feel by choosing thermal linings for your curtains and even layering curtains over your Roman blinds.

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4. Dressing curved or angled window shapes

If your bay window has sharp angles, or alternatively a smooth curve, choose Vertical blinds or curtains as both allow for an angled or curved head rail that will perfectly follow the shape of your bay.

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5. How to improve insulation around bay windows

As bay windows use more glass than a normal window, there is a small chance of further heat escaping from them. Pleated blinds in performance fabrics are ideal, as they help to insulate your home by keeping as much heat as possible in the room.

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6. No drill solutions for uPVC bay windows

For a tidy and smart finish, Perfect Fit blinds are a must. These sit flush to the frame of each uPVC window in a bay, so take up next-to-no space, leaving a bay window feeling extra spacey. Perfect Fit blinds are a no drill solution for uPVC windows. They are operated with a tabbed control so there are no operating cords or chain controls.

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7. Select shutters for a striking effect

Our Shutters range is perfect for homes with uniquely shaped windows. For a start, choosing made-to-measure shutters means each panel is designed to fit each section of the window. The result is something tailored to your home and very special.

With shutters, you can adjust each of the shutter panels individually to let more or less light come into your home or for privacy reasons. Obviously, you can throw shutters wide open to really take advantage of a bay window’s perks or fully close them too.

Our shutters come in a range of louvre widths, so choose larger louvres to allow more light into your room, or smaller ones if your bay window faces a busy street.

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Tier-on-Tier shutters are a versatile option, as the top and bottom halves of the shutters open independently of each other, so you can throw open the top set to let some sunlight in while keeping the bottom set closed for a little more privacy.

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And finally, you can have shutters that go perfectly with the rest of your interior by choosing our Custom Colour option. Custom Colour shutters can be matched to more than 2000 premium and high-street paint shades.

8. How to dress hard-to-reach bay windows?

With bay windows taking up so much wall space, it’s hard to avoid putting furniture in front of them making it difficult to reach the window dressings. Our Roller blinds are available with motorised controls to making it easier than ever to adjust your blinds without even having to leave the comfort of your sofa.

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9. Why choose made-to-measure products?

Bay windows are a striking feature in your home, and making mistakes when measuring these challenging window shapes can prove costly. That’s why we believe that made-to-measure blinds, curtains or shutters are essential for your bay windows. Our expert advisors have years’ of experience measuring and fitting window dressings in bay windows, so you can rest assured your chosen window dressings will fit perfectly and look fabulous.

10. Ask the experts

And because there are so many wonderful options for bay windows, your local advisor can help you decide on the very best option to suit your specific window. Request an appointment at a time to suit you, and your local advisor will bring our entire range for you to browse at leisure.

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