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Future living

Interior design trend

by Yvonne Keal

Product Management specialist

Published: 30/10/2023

Bring futuristic feels to your home with this new interior trend

From dreamscape design to striking bursts of colour, ‘Future Living’ reimagines how we design, experience, and live in our homes.

It’s a trend all about creating spaces that aren’t just good-looking but also eco-friendly, high-tech, adaptable, and in tune with the times.

Here we dive into the key aspects of this forward-thinking trend and how it's changing the way we live in our homes.

Statement shapes

Free flowing shapes, like curves, tubular and abstract designs take priority in the ‘Future Living’ trend while homeware textures are rich in touch.

These curtains in Nora Putty use strong single lines to form unusual curved shapes for a really striking look at the window while big sweeping curves in the furniture create cosy, cocooning moments in this large, open living area.

If you’ve a smaller room, curved elements can really help to soften the room and extend the eyeline creating the illusion of space.


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Colour burst

Stimulating and eye-catching elements are fundamental for this interior trend, as futuristic influence from virtual reality and the metaverse begins to slowly fuse into our homes.

Striking colours paired with more neutral tones create a playful finish, and for that added dose of energy statement accessories are used to create maximum visual interest.

In this bright kitchen space, trendy shades of lime green and orange pop wonderfully against the white Wooden blind, for a finishing look that’s fresh, crisp and clean.


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Gemma Gear, Interior Stylist
For me, maximalism feels like home. It’s a great way for me to show off my personality and easily mix and match a space to give it a fresh new look.
Gemma Gear, Interior Stylist

Move with the times

Life changes, and so should your living space. 'Future Living' encourages flexible designs that can transform to meet your needs. It's all about making the most of your home, whether you need a space to work, work out, or chill out.

In this home office, we’ve chosen bright, energy-boosting colours to inspire creative ideas and productivity. Our Nora Bruschetta Roman blind matches the décor perfectly, and a soft fabric blind is just what’s needed to inject a bit of warmth and texture.


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High-Tech Haven

‘Future living’ tips ease as the number one priority, and our electric blinds give you the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

Letting you control light and privacy levels at the touch of a button, they’ll not only transform the look and feel of your home, but your lifestyle too.

Compatible with your mobile phone, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, you can control all of the blinds in your home via an app or voice command, creating the perfect smart home environment.


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Evan Edinger, Youtuber and Photographer
When I want some privacy, I can just tell my Smart assistant to close the blinds and it’s done! It’s as easy as that.
Evan Edinger, Youtuber and Photographer

Renewable resources

Sustainability is the name of the game with this trend and designers are all about using materials and methods that are kinder to the planet.

We’re really proud to offer a growing range of eco-friendly fabrics for curtains and blinds and in our ranges you’ll find new fabrics manufactured from recycled polyester yarn, originating from recycled PET polyester plastic bottles.

Biophilic design is another significant aspect of this trend, bringing the outdoors in to make your home feel closer to nature, boost your mood and turn your space into a mindful sanctuary of all things green and good.

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