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Two sets of pastel curtains in a living room. One of the curtains is in a light blue tone in the Lindora Azure fabric, while the other is an off-white in the plain Tetbury White design

The Nested Home

Feather your nest this winter

Tara Hall

by Tara Hall

Product Innovations Expert

Published: 21/02/2019

Updated: 14/10/2021

This delicately balanced design story artfully blends the raw beauty of winter with the warming notes of spring. Let us inspire you with melting watercolour prints, crackle patterns and swirling misty greys. 

Minimalist Dining Room with Grey Kitchen Curtains

Relaxing retreat

Like tiny snowdrops pushing through the frozen ground, this soft and subtle story is finely poised – not quite free of the icy grip of winter, but not yet ready to embrace the full flourish of spring.

Misty morning greys create an ethereal and transient look. Accessories have an organic feel, with rough surfaces and imperfect shapes that illuminate the maker’s craft. Wood surfaces are natural and untreated or polished to highlight the natural beauty of the grain.

Try layering thick curtains over a patterned Roman blind, and combine with textiles in linen, wool and semi-sheer fabrics to create a light but cosy atmosphere for hibernating away.

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Perfectly imperfect

Create an away-from-it-all rustic look with bare floorboards, layered with vintage rugs in fade-out shades. Creamy neutrals and barely there pink hues bring subtle warmth, while rich amber adds heat and depth.

In this gorgeous bedroom our Purity White Roller blinds diffuses the light with Acacia Taupe layered on top to add in some colour. Because this room has big windows, we softened the look further, finishing with gorgeous floor-to-ceiling curtains in Tetbury Blush.

We’ve used wicker baskets and ladder storage to enhance the rustic feel, with hand-knitted throws, sheepskin rugs and plush cushions casually layered around the room for a textural, undone feel.

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