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A woman sat in a wicker chair in a conservatory

10 tips for a happy home

Read our top tips for making your home the happiest place to be.

Emily Booth one of the writers at Hillarys

by Emily Booth

In-home Advice Expert

Published: 31/03/2020

Updated: 22/03/2022

It’s where you come back to at the end of every day, and the first place you see in the morning, so it’s important that where you live brings you joy. Create a welcoming haven every time you open the front door with these tips for designing a home that makes you smile.

Maximise natural light

It may sound obvious but take a look around. Are your comfiest chairs placed in areas with the most daylight? Or are you blocking out valuable light with other furniture items? If so, now’s the time to move things around, so your favourite chair is in your favourite spot.

Erica Davis, stylist and fashion journalist
In a busy family home, creating space for yourself can be a challenge. This spot on the landing has become my breathing space from the rest of the house.
Erica Davis, stylist and fashion journalist

A room with a view

If you’re working from home, you’ll feel more positive and productive if you’re working in pleasant surroundings. So when you’re setting up your workstation, try and find a room with a view. Add your favourite knick-knacks and get inspired with photos or paintings of nature. A well-placed vase of fresh flowers will make your heart sing.

Tidy house. Tidy mind

It’s hard to stay on top of household chores when everyone is at home, but you’ll feel so much better waking up to a clean and clutter-free space every morning. Where possible, make tidying social spaces, cleaning surfaces, and washing pots a nightly routine.

Go foraging

Daily exercise is essential for wellbeing, but why not take a walk in the park an opportunity to forage for things to bring home, whether it’s a feather to draw, blossom to fill a vase with, or leaves and berries to create a table display. When we would normally be outdoors, it’s important to connect with nature any way we can.

Lean in

How often do you get the chance to really unwind? So take this time at home to slow down and relax. Think about your dream bathroom filled with fragrance and fluffy towels. It’s little things like this that can improve our relaxation state. Find ways of incorporating this experience into every space, with comforting textiles, cocooning colours, and tactile textures at every turn.

Know when to retreat

When the house is full, it’s essential to have somewhere to escape to, so find your ‘me’ place, make it really comfortable and use it whenever you need to. It could be a cosy nook under the stairs, a chair by the window, a secluded spot in the garden, or even the downstairs loo if it gives you a few minutes peace and quiet.

Stay connected

It’s a sad fact that for some people being at home can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation. We need each other to thrive and never more so than now. Social media, video conferencing, group chats, and the good old telephone are our windows on the world, so find the best way to regularly check in with those you love

Feed your mind, heart and soul

Set aside an hour a day to get outside in the fresh air and run, walk, skip or cycle. Gardening is a good form of exercise and nurturing nature is nourishment for the soul. And who needs a gym when there’s a whole host of online classes you can join in with without even getting out of your PJs?


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