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Samantha Gibson

by Samantha Gibson

Trend and Styling Expert

Published: 19/05/2020

We love our gardens

The unseasonably good weather could not have come at a better time. And in just a few short weeks, we became a nation of green fingered gardeners. Seeds have been sown, vegetables have been tended and we’ve transformed even the tiniest of plots into wonderful outdoor living spaces that have become a welcome extension of our indoor lives.

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Technology is our friend

Lots of us have complex relationships with technology, but there is little doubt that life in lockdown would have been almost impossible without it. It has enabled us to work, shop, keep fit, learn and laugh with friends and loved ones, and for many it has been an essential lifeline to the outside world.

Eating in is the new eating out

With so much more time on our hands, lots of us have rediscovered the joy of cooking, baking and eating together. The hunt for even the simplest of ingredients has forced us to get creative with store cupboard staples and made us savour what we have. Our waistlines may not thank us, but our taste buds certainly will.

Dress down Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays…

Loungewear is the new smart and nightwear is the new casual, with video conferencing from home spawning its very own hybrid ‘smart top, casual bottom’ fashion trend. Slippers have replaced stilettos and trainers are kept for best in this most accessible and comfort driven world of fashion.

We love a box set

One passion we’ve indulged more than most in lockdown, is binge-watching our favourite series’ on TV, as more than ever they’ve offered us a welcome escape. From the crazy world of The Tiger King to the return of the villainous Villanelle and most recently the acclaimed TV adaptation of Normal People – we’ve all found our favourites.

Our homes are our castles

When you’re leading busy lives, home can feel like the place you go to simply eat and sleep. But time spent really living in our own homes has helped us fall in love with them all over again. We’ve been busy sprucing them up and making exciting plans for how we can improve our homes even more when the time is right.

We’re a nation of pet lovers

We already knew we were a soppy lot when it comes to our pets, but our two, four and sometimes even three-legged friends have been a source of tremendous joy and comfort throughout these unprecedented times. Also, we’ve discovered that a contented purr or a waggy tail can lift even the darkest mood.

Nature is good for us

Who knew that a daily stroll around the park would become a highlight? And yet, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise, as research has consistently shown that the act of simply looking at nature can reduce levels of anger, fear and stress and increase feelings of happiness. 

You’re inspirational

Social platforms have been buzzing with gorgeous interiors and inspirational content created by ordinary people. From sharing recipes and design tutorials, to music concerts and live chats, you’ve kept us enthralled and entertained. We’ve especially loved seeing the happy spaces you’ve created and shared with us at #myhillaryshome. 

hillarys colleague sewing scrubs, nhs worker in homemade visor

We’re all in this together

One thing that has really shone out during this crisis is the sense of care and community felt all across the UK. Whether it’s looking out for vulnerable friends and neighbours, or supporting front line healthcare workers, there have been a million different examples of people coming together to support each other through this difficult time.

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