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Get the look: Yoga Light

Explore our tips for recreating this zen look in your own home

If you’ve been inspired by the beautiful rooms shown in our sponsorship of Homes on 4, we’ve got the lowdown on how to recreate the looks in your home.

This look is called Yoga Light. With a fresh, soothing colour palette and soft, flowing fabrics this look is all about serenity. Read more to find out to style this and other similar looks in your home.

Hillarys does Yoga Light

Our take on this look uses a palette of cool sea blue, crisp white and natural wood tones that feels energising but calm. Astro Ivory Voile curtains allow natural light to gently filter through the folding doors, and we’ve selected a wave header to create soft ripples in the fabric.

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Zen garden

Bring the outdoors in - swap blue for sage green and add in plenty of lush foliage for a look that feels fresh and invigorating. We’ve chosen Echo Mist curtains from our House Beautiful collection for this nature-inspired dining room with a contemporary wave header, which soften the wide doors and blend seamlessly with the greenery outside.

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Dressed to the nines

This informal, Japan-inspired dining area is complete with blossom overhead with these Honesty Mist Roman blinds. White Voile curtains frame the space, while the flowing fabric adds cohesiveness to the five glass panels – simply draw them across to create one unified wall.

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Pastel mint green and white curtains hanging in a modern living room

The Pastels Edit

The pastels edit combines cool blues, rosy pinks and serene lilacs to create fresh and tranquil interiors. 

3 different types of Hillarys Floral Blinds in a window behind a sofa

The Green Edit

The green edit is a celebration of nature’s palette, with layers of tone-on-tone green combined with pale pink and lilac.

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