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Hillarys Great British Gardens Research from Hillarys, leading interiors expert in blinds, curtains and shutters, has revealed the top garden features across Britain.

Homeowners from each region were asked which items they had in their gardens, with the following emerging as the most popular:

  • Kids play equipment – South West (72%)
  • Pond/water feature – London (51%)
  • Workshops – Northern Ireland (48%)
  • Chickens/livestock – West Midlands (45%)
  • Decking – South West (41%)
  • Tree houses – South West (38%)
  • Vegetable patches – South West (38%)
  • Built-in swimming pools – South East (14%)


When asked roughly how much they had spent on their gardens so far, those in the South East had shelled out the most at £750, followed by Yorkshire (£450) and Scotland (£400).

The South East was also found to have the biggest gardens in the UK, average 150 sq m, whereas Londoners have just 30 sq m. Peckham was found to be home pf the smallest gardens in the UK, averaging just 5 sq m.

Some of the weirdest items people admitted having in their gardens included a waterfall (42%), a ‘man cave’ or ‘den’ (20%) and a pet graveyard (17%).

Tara Hall, spokesperson for Hillarys, commented:

“As the sun begins to shine and Spring starts to edge closer, we’ll no doubt all be spending more time enjoying our gardens. So it’s interesting to see what British homeowners have done with their outdoor space.”