Mist slate wave curtains in open plan dining area

5 curtain ideas for your patio doors

Discover practical and stylish solutions for your patio doors

by Chloé Jones

Window Solutions and Styling Expert

Published: 22/12/2022

Patio doors are a fantastic feature for any home. However, it can be tricky to know how to dress them, keep your privacy, and reduce heat loss through them. We share our expertise below to help you get the most from your doors.

Mist slate patterned wave curtains on patio doors in dining room

Made-to-measure curtains for patio doors

All our curtains are made-to-measure by our skilled team so they will fit your patio doors perfectly. We follow the very highest testing standards so that your curtains will stand the test of time at your window.

When you book an appointment with Hillarys, your expert local advisor will measure up, recommend stylish and practical solutions to suit your taste and budget, and fit everything too so you’ll get a perfect finish first time. What’s more, all our products are guaranteed for at least a year.

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Nest Pewter curtains in a lounge window next to the fire place

Don't be left in the cold

Windows and draughty doors are responsible for up to 20% of a home's heat loss. Choose thermal curtains for your patio doors as their heavyweight lining will help keep your home warmer. They can reduce heat loss by up to 41%.

If you choose a thicker curtain fabric like velvet, you will improve the thermal qualities of your curtains even further.

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harper mallow curtains paired with blue vertical blinds in living room

Control the light

Vertical blinds are an excellent choice for light control, since you can fully open them to enjoy your view, close them for complete privacy, or tilt the louvres to gently diffuse the light.

Many of our vertical blinds are available as performance ‘dim-out’ fabrics, which will reduce the light coming into your room. Teaming blackout curtains with vertical blinds will create a darker environment, and give a cosier finish in the evening.

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Clarity white voile curtains against wide floor length windows leading to garden

A light and airy space

If your room has a sunny aspect, or if you’re overlooked, consider dressing your patio doors with beautiful, light and airy Voile curtains for daytime privacy. On sunny days, close your Voiles and the sunlight will be gently diffused, creating a stunning focal point, and giving you daytime privacy.

Layer your Voiles with a pair of thick curtains to switch from daytime to evening with ease.

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