Mist slate patterned wave curtains on patio doors in dining room

Curtain ideas for doors and wide windows

by Yvonne Keal

Product Management specialist

Published: 02/03/2020

Updated: 05/06/2023

Top tips and clever tricks for dressing large expanses of glass

Doors and wide windows make quite a statement in your home, so it’s important to get curtains that will enhance the space while offering the practical benefits you need. Take a look at our expert guide where we share our top tips and clever tricks for dressing your doors and wide windows with stylish curtains from our range.

Transform your doors into a statement feature

When you enter a room with large expanses of glass your eye is naturally drawn to them, so it’s a great idea to choose a curtain design that will add an extra wow factor.

Doors and wide windows can happily accommodate bold colours and vibrant prints without being overwhelmed, so you can afford to be adventurous with your design ideas. 


Mix and match curtains with voiles

This is a really clever idea that looks great and is really practical too. Instead of hanging a single pair of curtains across your wide windows, combine your favourite made to measure curtain fabric with a sheer voile curtain for a stunning effect.

The two curtains give you real flexibility too. When it’s sunny you can close the voiles to reduce the sun’s glare while allowing the light to filter through your windows.


Extend your curtain pole beyond the window frame

Wide windows are usually found in homes that enjoy fabulous views, either of the garden or the vista beyond.

If you’re lucky enough to own such a home, fit your curtains so that they don’t obscure the great views.

By fitting a curtain pole that extends beyond the window frame, your curtains won’t cover any part of your window when they’re fully open.

In this cosy dining room, we’ve chosen these contemporary Loxly Emerald curtains that tap into the trend for geometric patterns.


Combine curtains with blinds for extra privacy

If your wide windows are overlooked, maintaining your privacy will be a top priority.

So, rather than fitting curtains alone, combine your curtains with a blind which will help you maintain your privacy while still allowing light to gently filter into your room.

We’ve combined Vertical blinds with Hatti Chambray curtains in this comfortable living room.


Break up a large window with multiple curtains

A really big window is a fabulous feature in your home, but fit just one pair of curtains and you obscure this wonderful view of the world.

So instead, position multiple curtains around the frame, effectively creating three separate windows and three options for managing the light levels in your room.

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Dark grey velvet roman blind under floral print curtains in a bright living room with blue and rose pink accents

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