by Victoria Robinson

Product Manager

Published: 25/05/2021

Updated: 05/06/2023

Versatile and beautiful to look at Voile Roman blinds are perfect for creating a home that's open and airy while maintaining a secluded and private feel. These gorgeously soft, unlined fabrics allow a view of the outside world and provide privacy during the day. Here we tell you all you need to know about these contemporary and stylish window dressings.

powder pink voile roman blindabove furnished window ledge next to a brown chair

1. What are Voile Roman blinds?

Voile Roman blinds are made from sheer and translucent fabric to gently diffuse natural light, rather than block it out completely. They are measured, manufactured and fitted in exactly the same way as one of our standard Roman blinds.


2. Where can Voile Roman blinds be used?

Voile Roman blinds provide a sleek and sophisticated sheer appearance that really lends itself to wide windows and sliding doors. Our Voile fabrics are extra wide, so most don’t require a join.

They’re also a stylish and practical choice for bay windows, providing day time privacy without taking away from the beauty of a bay window frame.

Voile Roman blinds at bay windows not only look stunning, they provide a practical solution when privacy is paramount.
Hannah Cooley, Voiles Product Manager

3. Will Voile Roman blinds provide privacy?

A great option for south facing houses, Voile Roman blinds maintain your privacy without blocking too much sunlight. This makes them an ideal choice for downstairs street-facing rooms such as living rooms and kitchen-diners.


4. Can Voile Romans be layered with other products?

Voile Roman blinds look great by themselves but also work really well with other products. Try layering your Voile Roman blinds with lined curtains to add extra blackout benefits, especially if you’re looking to dress a bedroom.

During the day lower the Voile Roman, and at night time draw the curtains to create a dark and restful environment.

If you're working from home, Voile Roman blinds can be easily pulled down over the window to shade your screen from sunlight without blocking the outdoor view.
Hannah Cooley, Voiles Product Manager

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