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Best blinds for light control

by Yvonne Keal

Product Management specialist

Published: 03/08/2015

Updated: 15/04/2022

Bright ideas to create shade and keep the summer sun at bay

As the days get longer and nights are shorter we see lots of natural light flood into our homes.

At this time of year it’s important to pick the right window dressing to suit your needs. With our bright ideas to control the summer sunshine, we’ve made light work of making the light work for you.


Light and shade

Summer is a time for enjoying sunny spaces and shutters are perfect for giving you flexible control over light and temperature so you can relax in comfort this season.

Open the louvres to let the light filter in, or close them fully to keep your room cool.

These Tier-on-Tier shutters from our Dalston range allow the sun to shine through the top half of the window while maintaining privacy at the lower half.


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Did you know?

Shutters, Venetians and voiles are great for keeping out bugs when your windows are open, while still letting the breeze flow through
Marco Cinder grey perfect fit roller blind in patio door frame with contemporary furniture and grey accessories

Sleek solutions

Rooms with doors or lots of glass that let light in can become uncomfortably hot in summer. Perfect Fit blinds are a sleek solution that help control light and glare.

They simply clip into your uPVC windows for a neat finish and are available as Pleated, Roller and Venetian blinds.


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In the shade

The windows in this garden room give amazing views but can let in too much heat and light when the sun shines.

With individual Roman blinds‚ the garden is still the focal point but the blinds can be adjusted to block out any harsh glare as the sun moves throughout the day.

Adding a specialist lining to your Roman blind will help to keep heat in when the winter months come along so you can enjoy your garden room at all times of year.


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Top tip

A specialist lining like a blackout lining will help keep your room cool in summer and warm in winter
Natural pale grey Pleated blinds dressed on doors and windows, with white Highgrove Pleated blinds on the conservatory roof.

Timeless treatments

Conservatories are lovely open spaces to sit and relax, but just like any glass rooms they can get unbearably hot, especially when the sunlight shines directly down through the roof.

Conservatory roof blinds are a great choice for creating shade and a comfortable internal temperature.

Fabrics with a sun reflective coating prevent light from being absorbed in the summer and offer an insulating layer in winter, allowing you to enjoy your conservatory all year round.


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All year rounders

We all know how unpredictable British weather can be, so for flexible light control throughout the seasons, think about teaming sheer Voiles with curtains.

In summer, the Voiles allow light to gently filter through your window while maintaining daytime privacy. In the evening and during cooler months, your curtains will add an extra layer of cosiness.


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Top tip

Opening the windows even while your curtains are closed will create a steady flow of fresh air and prevent your room getting stuffy

Keep your cool

While patio and sliding doors are great for bringing in lots of light, strong summer sun can make rooms with lots of glass uncomfortably hot.

Specialist ThermaShade™ Pleated blinds have a solar reflective coating that helps regulate the temperature of a room to keep things cooler during the hot summer months.


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