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How to clean metal Venetian blinds

by Yvonne Keal

Product Management specialist

Published: 18/06/2020

Updated: 16/03/2023

Easy ways to keep your metal Venetian blinds clean

To keep your metal Venetian blind looking and operating at its best, it’s important you clean it regularly to prevent dirt and dust building up on both the slats and inside the moving parts of the headrail.

Our cleaning handy guide covers:

- How to clean metal Venetian blinds with a duster or clean, soft cloth to gently remove debris

- How to remove stubborn stains or marks with a mild detergent

- How to use the upholstery attachment of your vacuum cleaner on a low suction setting to remove dust

- What cleaning methods to avoid to ensure your metal Venetian blinds maintain their quality


Watch our step-by-step guide

Our easy to follow guide gives you plenty of simple cleaning tips and techniques to keep your metal Venetian blinds looking great for longer. Take a look to learn more.

1. Simple cleaning with a duster

The best way to remove dust and debris from a metal Venetian blind is with a dry, clean cloth or feather duster.

Lower the blind and turn the slats downwards until they are flat in the closed position. Then, starting from the top, simply wipe each slat individually from middle to edge.

Cleaning from top to bottom ensures you won’t have to clean the same slat a second time when dust from a slat above settles on one below.

Open and close your blind on the opposite side and gently clean the slats again.

2. Vacuum cleaning your metal Venetian blinds

Using a vacuum to clean your metal blind is a great time saver, but it's important to only do this if you have an upholstery brush attachment so you avoid scratching your blind. 

This is a small, flathead brush with a row of short bristles. Set the suction of your vacuum to a low level and test it before you start to clean, as the slats of your blind could be pulled out of shape if your vacuum is too powerful.

This is a great way to remove dust from harder-to-reach places or from areas where a duster won’t fit, such as near the headrail and near the internal components of the blind.

lady with blonde hair using sponge cloth bucket and paper towels to clean metal venetian blind

3. Removing stubborn stains

Sticky or stubborn marks can be cleaned with water and a mild household detergent such as washing up liquid or window cleaning spray. Use a non-abrasive sponge or brush, remembering not to apply too much pressure as the slats may bend.

While metal blinds are very durable, certain types of chemicals can strip away the metal or cause it to become discoloured and damaged. Before using any cleaning agent on your blinds, always spot test an inconspicuous area first to test for possible harm. We recommend carefully following the manufacturer instructions of the cleaning product you choose to use. Make sure you carefully dry the louvres with a paper towel after cleaning.

4. Alternative cleaning methods

We do not recommend taking down Hillarys’ blinds to clean them.

Leaving your metal blind to soak in the bath, or rinsing with a garden hose on a rubber mat outdoors could damage the slats and affect the durability of the product.

Following an alterative clearing method regularly, like those explained above will help you maintain your blinds and keep them looking good for longer.


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