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Nutmeg Faux Wood blinds in bathroom

How to clean Wooden blinds

Tips and advice

Emily Booth one of the writers at Hillarys

by Emily Booth

In-home Advice Expert

Published: 20/11/2019

Updated: 08/12/2020

Read our how to clean wooden blinds guide. Find out how to keep your wooden blinds looking great with regular cleaning and maintenance.   

The best way to clean Wooden blinds

The natural warmth of wooden blinds enhances any home, but requires regular cleaning to keep it looking good.

Like all wooden products, excess moisture can be detrimental to your blinds, causing them to expand and warp, so we strongly recommend that you avoid using any water or liquid cleaning products as part of your cleaning routine.

  1. Use a dry, clean cloth to gently dust your blind

The quickest cleaning method is to simply close the slats in one direction and wipe over with a feather duster or dry cloth. Wipe in a downwards motion so as not to disturb the slat positions. Open the slats and close again, this time in the opposite direction and wipe down the slats as before.  

For a more thorough clean, you will need a dry, lint free cloth, soft duster or specialist blind cleaning tool. Open your blind and clean the top of each slat by running the duster across the slat, starting at the centre and working outwards. Then close the blind and open in the opposite direction to clean the underside of the slats. 

Using a blind cleaning tool
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  1. Use a damp cloth to tackle any stubborn marks

For sticky and stubborn stains that you can’t remove with a dry cloth, rub lightly with a damp cloth until the stain lifts. Do not rub too hard as this may affect the paint or varnish finish on your wooden blinds. Once the stain has lifted, wipe away any excess moisture with a clean, dry cloth.

Clean wooden blind with duster
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Cleaning Wooden blinds with a vacuum cleaner

If you have a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment, you can also use this method to clean your wooden blinds. Vacuum cleaners with powerful suction can cause damage by pulling the slats downwards. 

Using the soft brush attachment, open your blind, and, taking a slat in one hand, carefully run the brush over the slat with the other. Repeat on each side in the same way as the duster method above.  If the uppermost slats are not within easy reach, use a sturdy, well-positioned step stool to avoid over-reaching and pulling on the blind slats. Alternatively, take the blind down and carefully lay it on the floor, using an old blanket or towel to protect the blind and your floor covering from damage. 

Clean wooden blinds with a vacuum cleaner
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How to clean faux wooden blinds

The easiest way to clean faux wooden blinds without having to remove them is with a feather duster or microfibre cloth. Work the cloth over the slats side to side moving down the blind gently. To remove stubborn grime, dip a cloth into a mixture of detergent and water being careful not to push dirt into the corners of the blind. Dryer sheets are also great for lifting dust. 

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