5 curtain ideas for small windows

by Victoria Robinson

Product Manager

Published: 22/12/2022

Updated: 17/01/2024

We’ll help you make your small window look grander with curtains

Dressing a small window can be challenging, but our expert tips will help you make the most of the light you do have.

Make curtains the focal point

Bold curtains can transform a space in more ways than one, especially when it comes to small windows. By making your curtains the focal point of a room, you’ll take the attention away from the windows actual size whether it's a small window or a large window. Try a pop of contrasting colour to make your curtains stand out.

Alternatively, embrace a minimalistic design to avoid overwhelming the small window. Simple and clean lines contribute to a streamlined appearance, preventing the curtains from visually crowding the limited space.

Using solid colours or subtle patterns in your window treatment can work well in maintaining a sleek and uncluttered feel.

Mirage Charcoal with tape in a bedroom window and layered by Wolfe Smoulder Curtains. There is a bed to the left and some wall features and a small chair to the right.

Add a vertical pattern to add height

Trick the eye into thinking your windows are taller than they really are by adding geometric patterns or stripes like these Wolfe Smoulder curtains from our Abigail Ahern collection.

Fabrics with vertical patterns will add height to your windows and draw your eye upward.

This nicely complements the room making it a good choice with a little more personality.


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Strategic positioning of curtain poles and tracks

Strategically placed curtain poles and tracks can help narrow windows appear wider by tricking the mind into thinking part of your wall is really glass. Hang curtains either side of the window frame to maximise both the light coming in and the view going out.

You can create the illusion your window is taller too, by positioning your curtain pole as close as possible to your ceiling as possible, and adding full length curtains. 

At your in-home appointment, your local advisor will help you choose the right solutions for your space, plus take care of all the complex measuring and fitting to get the look you want.

Use Voiles to make your space light and airy

Elegant and contemporary, our quality Voile curtains are perfect for small windows. They offer a light and airy ambience, and help you make the most of what natural light you do have.

Voiles are wonderfully versatile: use them to soften the look of a bare window, or layer beneath curtains for ultimate light control and a day-to-evening look.


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Tips and tricks

Consider floor-length curtains even for small windows.

Allowing the curtains to extend from the top to the floor gives the illusion of taller windows, adding a touch of elegance and creating a seamless visual flow and giving a more sophisticated and polished look.

Combining window blinds with curtains can give the illusion of height too, particularly when the blinds are raised towards the top. If you choose eye-catching, luxurious fabrics like velvet, nobody will notice your window is on the small side.


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