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Erica Davies in front of white shutters in a blue living room with 2 arm chairs in green leaf patterned fabric

Erica Davies on shutters

Samantha Gibson

by Samantha Gibson

Trend and Styling Expert

Published: 02/04/2019

Moving into a brand new home is hugely appealing, but bringing personality to a featureless, white box of a house can be a challenge. Here, stylist, fashion journalist and brand consultant Erica Davies shows us how.

Silk white full height shutters in Erica Davies' home

Find ways to add character

A maximalist at heart, Erica was sure that she wanted to paint her living room in a dark hue, so that her colourful furnishings and prints would really sing. Bespoke cabinetry and vintage finds add character, while rugs are cleverly used to zone this large room into slouchy family space at one end and sophisticated reading nook at the other. Erica has chosen Pure White shutters at the windows to create an overall feeling of sophistication and serenity.   

I knew as soon as we found this house that it would look amazing with shutters. They’re very streamlined and minimal and I really like that.
Custom colour shutters in bright green, fitted in a playroom

Get creative with colour

One of the many benefits of shutters is that they create a uniform look at the window, but at the same time, with so many colours, stains and styles to choose from, you can still create spaces that feel really personal. Erica’s playroom is definitely one of those. Erica wanted this room to be fun and inspirational, but also feel connected to the rest of the house. She’s achieved this by bringing in all of the colours from the ground floor, and matching the shutters to the exact shade of her green stair carpet. The result is a room that’s a magnet for anyone under the age of twelve.

Silk white shutters in Erica Davies' bedroom window

Use texture to set the mood

Erica’s new house is some distance from her former London pad, and the guest bedroom regularly plays host to friends and family. Erica’s goal here was to create a room where visitors can instantly feel at home, so she has layered gorgeous mustard curtains over her bright white shutters to add an extra layer of texture and softness. This not only gives this room its own distinctive personality but also offers extra control over light and temperature – an important consideration for bedrooms.

That combination of shutter and curtains really adds a layer of texture. Close them all up and it does make the room feel very private and really, really cosy.
Silk white full height shutters in Erica Davies' home

Design a ‘me’ room

In a busy family home, creating space for yourself can be a challenge.  Erica has very cleverly managed to steal a spot on the landing that she can claim for herself. She describes this as her ‘breathing space from the rest of the house’. Here, sophisticated white shutters help to elevate the space, and by popping a comfy battered leather chair next to the window, along with a few well-loved accessories, the landing is transformed from a mere thoroughfare into a special place to rest, relax and re-group.

Silk white full height shutters in Erica Davies' home

Erica Davies on shutters

Stylist, fashion journalist and brand consultant Erica Davies transforms her nondescript new-build into a fabulous family home with sophisticated shutters.

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