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Green custom colour shutters in a bedroom

Scene-stealing shutters

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Tara Hall

by Tara Hall

Product Innovations Expert

Published: 02/04/2019

We’re experiencing a colour revolution in our homes, and our fabulous new shutters collection is here to satisfy all your colour cravings.

Custom colour shutters in blue in living room

Divide and conquer

Broken plan is the new open plan, with room dividers being used to re-define zones within large open spaces. We still want the flexibility to open up the space when we want to, and so tracked shutters that concertina neatly together are a great choice for creating broken plan spaces. And because room dividers are a prominent design feature, it pays to give them a truly fabulous finish. In this stunning bedroom/en-suite we’ve chosen a striking cobalt blue solid wood tracked shutter.

Blue custom colour shaped shutters in hallway

Curve ball

Our custom colour service gives you the option to choose your made-to-measure shutters in almost any colour you like. And that’s not all. Your beautiful coloured shutters can be configured to fit almost any size and shape of window too. In this impressive entrance hall we’ve matched the shutters to the colour of the window frames for a seamless finish. Lush greenery spills over every surface and together with the contemporary cane seating, gives this light and airy hallway a tropical, summer house feel.

Custom colour shutters in natural ombre shades in living room

Fondant fancy

Custom colour allows you to take your creativity to new heights, as this fashion-forward bedroom demonstrates. Elegant lines and geometric prints are softened by floaty florals, luxe textiles and softly curving shapes. At the window, we’ve created an ombre effect by painting the individual shutter panels in sweet fondant shades, picking up the palette from around the room. A sputnik ceiling light finishes this bold, eclectic look.

Custom colour shutters in blue in kitchen

Level up

Striking coloured shutters pack a mighty personality punch, elevating your space from mundane to insane. Here, we’ve given an all-white kitchen an injection of vibrant colour, instantly transporting you from drizzly UK to sun-drenched LA. We’ve chosen tier-on-tier shutters for the feature bay window. These provide lots of options for controlling light and privacy, as the top and bottom sections open independently of each other.

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Style your shutters

Cafe Style White Shutters In the Living Room

Shutters tips and advice

Mark Lucas, our shutters Product Manager, applies his twenty years’ experience to some of the most common queries.

Green custom colour shutters in a living room

Full height shutters

For an authentic look choose traditional full-height plantation shutters.

grey shutters in an office window

Tier-on-tier shutters

Top and bottom sections open independently for control over light and privacy.