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Product Details
The Cordovan name does this Shutter justice in every way imaginable; with both the colour and sensations replicating the prestige that this famous high-end leather is associated with. Finished with the deepest of brown shades, the only thing missing from this stained white teak shutter is the rich, earthy and somewhat sweet scent of leather. It is the definition of luxury in the window dressings world and a solution that emits utter extravagance. Any traditional setting will welcome the Cordovan Shutter with open arms and the deep brown shades will tie in brilliantly with most decors making use of natural wood. Unsurprisingly, any interior using browns will benefit, while natural backdrops will see the Cordovan Shutter take centre stage in the room and become the envy of all.

Price Promise

Fully guaranteed for peace of mind

35 years of local service

Advisors local to you

Included as standard:
Professional Measuring & Fitting, Made to measure, Coordinating Tilt Rod
Fitting options available:
Full height, Café Style, Tracked, Shaped, Tier on Tier
Material finish:
Wood stained
Available ranges:
Available materials:
Timber Hardwood
Available Louvre widths:
47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm, 114mm
Recycled Material:

Our shutters are built to last, which is why we offer an additional five year peace of mind guarantee on top of our standard 12-month warranty.
Starting from the moment your shutters are installed, our guarantee means that for a nominal call out fee, we promise to repair or replace any faults in your shutters.

Cleaning Tips

Use a dry, clean microfibre cloth to dust your shutters. The easiest way to do this is to tilt the louvres downwards until they are fully closed, and then wipe the louvres and frames over before tilted them upwards and repeating. To tackle sticky or stubborn marks, rub gently with a damp cloth until it lifts and then wipe the area dry. For waterproof shutters, a mild detergent may be necessary. For wooden shutters, do not use any cleaning products or excessive moisture as this may lead to warping or damage to the colour.

Child Safety

Our shutters are all operated with tilt rods and ring pulls, with no cords or chains necessary. This means they are inherently child safe and don’t need any additional safety devices.


Can I have shutters in my bathroom/kitchen?

Yes. We offer specialist waterproof shutters made from ABS, which is designed to withstand moisture and humidity without warping or fading.

What colours are there to choose from?

As well as a range of natural wood stains and painted shades, we also offer a custom colour service on our wood shutters so that you can match them to your favourite shades. Custom colour isn’t available on waterproof shutters, as the ABS can’t be painted, but there are a range of modern colours to choose from.

Do shutters come with a warranty?

As well as our standard 12 month warranty, we also offer an additional five year guarantee for total peace of mind.

Which shutter style is best for my windows?

Shutters work well in almost any window, but your local advisor will be able to recommend the best style to choose based on your windows and your needs.

How much do shutters cost?

As our products are made-to-measure, we can’t give any prices without measuring up and assessing the window. At your in-home appointment, your local advisor will do just this, plus they’ll discuss colour options and any add ons, before leaving you with a no obligation quote.

Can I have shutters in a bay or shaped window?

Yes. Shutters are a great choice for unusual windows because they’re made to fit your exact specifications and can be crafted in a range of shapes and sizes.

Can I have shutters at my doors?

Most of our shutters can be fitted at patio, sliding or folding doors. For standard patio or French doors, we recommend full height shutters, or for sliding and folding doors, our tracked shutters are a great option.

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All fitted to perfection
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