What are wave curtains?

by Victoria Robinson

Product Manager

Published: 14/06/2019

Updated: 16/01/2024

Find out more about this neat and stylish header option for your curtains.

Made-to-measure curtains offer a bespoke finish, and the style of curtain header you choose makes a big difference to the way your curtains drape at the window and how well they fit in with the rest of your décor. Wave header curtains offer contemporary looks and a neat and stylish finish. Here we talk you through exactly what a wave curtains system is and how to hang wave curtains and different ways you can style them in your home.

What is a wave curtain?

'Wave' refers to the header of the curtain. A wave shape header allows the curtains to hang in regular, uniform folds.

This type of header needs to be fitted to a special wave curtain track, which is slim and discreet.

The overall appearance of this curtain and track combination is simple and contemporary.


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abigail ahern ober etch wave curtains in dining room

Why should I choose wave curtains?

Wave curtains are fitted to a slim, discreet curtain track so they are suitable for all standard sized windows.  Because they have a relaxed fold, they help to create a contemporary look in any home. 

They work particularly well in large open-plan living rooms and kitchen-diners, although they look great anywhere!

Nest Pewter curtains in a lounge window next to the fire place

Can wave curtains reduce heat loss?

Curtains are an effective solution for reducing heat loss through your windows. All our curtains are lined as standard, but for a chilly room, a blackout lining or thermal lining made from a thick satin twill will keep you even cosier. In fact, we recently worked with the experts at Salford University to understand just how much our products can help prevent heat loss. The results from their specially created lab, the 'Energy House', showed that lined curtains reduce heat loss by 14%.

For even more warmth, pair a lining with a naturally thicker curtain fabric like velvet to keep your space snug and super stylish too.

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Stella Navy curtains

Can wave curtains be blackout?

Yes, you can choose a blackout lining for all our curtain fabrics, with the exception of our Voiles.

Our made-to-measure blackout curtains will help reduce the light coming into your room and will also help to reduce heat loss, so your room will be nice and snug.


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zaha sunrise floor length wave curtains in dining room

Where do wave curtains look best?

Wave curtains lend themselves especially to bi fold or sliding doors, and in modern extensions with large doors and wide windows.

As they pull right back to the sides, they will expose the full glory of your doors or window and frame your view beautifully. 

This simple styling also shows off large pattern repeats to their best advantage, so if you’ve got your eye on a statement print or a design, then a wave header style is for you.


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sulby chalk wave curtain on small window in bedroom

Is a wave header good for small windows?

If you are particularly short on space or want to create an elegant look, your wave curtains can be fitted to the ceiling instead of the window frame, making your windows feel taller and grander than they really are.

The unstructured style of a wave header means that your curtains fold up really neatly when they’re fully open.  So, if you have a limited amount of wall space either side of your window, wave curtains are an ideal choice.

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