How to clean Roman blinds

by Victoria Robinson

Product Manager

Published: 22/11/2019

Updated: 16/03/2023

Find out the easiest and fastest way to clean your Roman blinds

Keep your Roman blind looking clean and fresh with our easy to follow cleaning guide. Discover the best and simplest methods for regular cleaning and get expert advice on effective stain removal.


Here, you'll learn how to:

- Remove dust and debris from your Roman blind using the upholstery attachment of your vacuum

- Smooth our creases or wrinkles with a steamer

- Spot treat stubborn stains with a damp cloth or fabric stain remover



Watch our step-by-step guide

Our easy to follow guide gives you plenty of simple cleaning tips and techniques to keep your Roman blind looking great for longer. Take a look to learn more.

1. Lightly vacuum to remove dust and debris

To prevent dust from collecting on your Roman blind, we suggest cleaning using the soft brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner. This is a small, flathead brush with a row of short bristles, great for cleaning fabric surfaces like blinds as well as mattresses and sofas.

Close your blind fully and using the upholstery attachment to carefully brush the fabric in a downwards motion until you have vacuumed the whole of the blind surface.

Work in a downwards motion from top to bottom, paying particular attention to the bottom and side edges, where dust may gather.

2. Steam cleaning Roman blinds

If your Roman blind becomes creased or wrinkled, you can lightly steam using a hand-held steamer. For velvet fabrics, steam on the lining side only.

Use the very lowest temperature steam setting, hold the attachment well back from the fabric and move it lightly and briskly so you’re not hovering over one spot.

3. Treat any stains

If your Roman blind becomes marked or stained, first try to remove the stain using a clean, damp cloth. Gently rub the affected area with the cloth until the stain begins to lift.

For more stubborn stains, you may need to try spot cleaning using a specialist fabric stain remover or gentle detergent.

Always check that the product you are using is appropriate for your Roman blind fabric and make sure you follow the manufacturer instructions for removing the stain. Test a small, inconspicuous area of your blind fabric first if in doubt.

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