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7 stunning looks for period style windows

by Rachel Binks

Style Specialist

Published: 08/08/2018

Updated: 06/07/2021

Dress the windows in your period home with blinds, curtains and shutters from our collections

Period properties come in all shapes and sizes and we’ve got hundreds of gorgeous styles to help you get the perfect look for yours.

Stately style

Choose floor-to-ceiling curtains in a classical print to imbue your home with a sense of history and grandeur. Soft, neutral shades will help create a calming feel and will work with many different decor styles. Natural, linen-look fabrics will enhance the authentic feel, while thermal linings can not only keep off the chill, but also help to create a rich, full look at the window.

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Statement prints

Many period homes come with grand proportions. High ceilings and large feature windows give you lots of scope to create stunning interiors. And where a more modest space might feel overwhelmed by a statement print at the window, these cavernous rooms are crying out for bold window treatments. 

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A time and a place

If you want to furnish your home in a style that's sympathetic to the period, it can be fun to research fabrics and prints that were in vogue at the time it was built. The styling in this mid-century home references the past with fifties style furniture and a retro floral Roller blind at the window. The overall look is classy and contemporary, but with a reverence for the past that perfectly suits the architecture of the building.

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Gorgeous glass

Some properties come with windows so beautiful it's almost a shame to dress them at all. Even so, there's no better feeling than drawing the curtains on a cold winter's evening to enjoy the cosy feel they create. So here's a great idea that gives you the best of both worlds. Fit a curved curtain rail across the feature window and all along the adjacent wall. That way you can pull your curtains completely away from the window when you want to and the fabric wall that the curtains create gives your room a luxe feel that's immensely satisfying.

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Timeless treatments

Wooden shutters instantly create a feeling of timeless sophistication and a whole lot of curb appeal. They're perfect for city pads where your windows may look directly onto the street. Our specialist in-home advisors bring years' of expertise to measuring and fitting shutters to period windows, and are well equipped to deal with the wonky ceilings and other quirks that come with a period property. 

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Double trouble

The Georgians loved a double aspect sash window, and if you're lucky enough to look out of these beauties every morning you'll know how important it is to get the look just right. Just like the windows themselves, your look should be elegant and in perfect symmetry. Curtains are ideal for these statuesque windows as they accentuate the height, making your windows look even more graceful and refined. Double up with Roman blinds for a really sumptuous finish.

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Faded glory

Choose a window dressing in a fade-out print to instantly create a feeling of age and history. These stunning Roman blinds give this stylish bedroom a sense of grandeur that hints at a glamorous and decadent past. Even so, the contemporary decor roots this beautiful boudoir firmly in the present.

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