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Blinds and curtains for a warm and cosy home

Style tips to keep you snug

Samantha Gibson

by Samantha Gibson

Trend and Styling Expert

Published: 15/01/2020

Updated: 23/09/2021

As the winter months bring in darker nights and a drop in temperature, there’s nothing better than cosying up in a snug, warm home. We’ve got plenty of ideas and inspiration for blinds and curtains that will help you keep out the chill in style.

Get cosy with curtains

Velvet is the fabric story of the season and it’s easy to see why. This luxuriously soft and tactile fabric is a great choice for bedrooms and living rooms, where you can up the snug stakes with the addition of velvet cushions, throws and headboards. Painting your walls in a dark shade is another great way to create a cocooning, cosy feel.

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Soften a space with Roman blinds

Rooms with lots of glass can naturally look and feel chilly, especially in the cooler months. By adding an extra textural layer you can help to keep heat in, and soften the space so it feels more comfortable. We’ve chosen thermal-lined Roman blinds for this glass extension. Made-to-measure for a perfect finish, each blind sits snugly within the window frame for a streamlined look. Roman blinds can also easily be adjusted to control the light levels throughout the day.

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Add a lining

A significant proportion of the heat in a room can be diffused through windows even windows that are double glazed. In fact, an average of 30% of the heat in a room can be lost through windows, so it’s important to dress them with the right product to help insulate your home.

A lining can transform a fabric’s thermal properties. While all our curtains and Roman blinds are fully lined as standard, you have the option to add one of our specialist thermal or blackout linings that will not only bring luxury to your window but will also help keep a room cosy and warm.

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Keep warm with Thermal blinds

Some rooms need a helping hand when it comes to feeling cosy and this is especially true of conservatories which can suffer from real extremes of temperature. Our innovative ThermaShade Pleated blinds are the answer. These specialist blinds have a honeycomb construction that actively traps heat to regulate temperature and create a comfortable environment all year round. 

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Warm up your space

Of course your décor can also play a part in creating a cosy atmosphere. Warm colours, patterned wallpapers or even the warm tones of wood panelling can really help to transform your space. In this garden office, wood panelling is combined with floor-to-ceiling curtains across sliding glass doors for an undeniably cosy and intimate feel. 

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