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How to match your curtains and blinds

Emily Booth one of the writers at Hillarys

by Emily Booth

In-home Advice Expert

Published: 08/03/2019

Updated: 05/07/2021

Get the perfect look in your home with curtains and blinds from our collection. Read our handy guide to matching curtains and blinds, and discover how to combine colour, pattern and texture to create a stunning finish at your window. 

Do blinds and curtains go together?

Combining blinds with curtains is a really easy way to mix and match colours, textures and patterns and create a gorgeous focal point for any room. It’s also great for layering practical solutions with more stylish ones, so the finished result not only looks stunning, but works hard too.

Velvet teal roman blind under white and green patterned curtains in a dark, modern dining room

Play with pattern

Pattern is a great way to add interest to your decor. When matching plains and patterns, select a colour from your patterned blind or curtains and use a similar or related colour for your matching plain fabric. Here, we’ve chosen teal as the background for emerald green patterned curtains, which complement each other well.

George Clark_Acacia Ice_motorized_Roller blinds_with_Bardot Grey_curtains

Combine function and style

If you’re looking to solve a problem such as light levels, privacy or temperature control, try layering one of our specialist blinds with curtains like those in our blackout range. This wide window lets in plenty of light, so a sheer Roller blind helps diffuse some glare, while curtains soften the space and make it cosy at night.

Should all blinds or curtains in my house match?

There’s no hard and fast rule on matching the window dressings in your entire home. Some prefer to let their creativity loose, with distinctly different looks in every room, while some prefer the uniformity of matching window dressings from the outside.

White shutters in a living room with a sofa facing away from the windows. A potted plant and bookshelf on the right hand side.

Add kerb appeal with matching windows

If a matching scheme is more your thing, we’d recommend either Wooden blinds or shutters in a neutral shade. The clean, crisp lines of the slats look super smart and they come in waterproof options so they can be used in every room around the home.

What should I match my curtains to – the walls or the furniture?

Curtains are a great opportunity to incorporate colour and pattern into a room. However, matching them to the exact shade of your walls may make them look a little too recessive, so we’d recommend going for a shade or two’s difference. Alternatively, statement furniture or accessories might provide inspiration for adding a pop of colour.


Create synergy with a single shade

By using the same colour scheme throughout a room you unify your décor, creating a harmonious and balanced space. In this living area, we’ve taken inspiration from the neutral shade of the walls and picked a silver hue for the curtains and blinds.


Breath colour into a room

Coloured furniture or accessories are an easy way to inject colour into a neutral decor scheme, which you can then reflect in your window dressings. We’ve chosen curtains in a similar shade to the walls but with a pop of burnt orange and duck egg blue, with the Roman blind in the same blue tone making a lovely statement at the window.

Should I have the same window dressings on every window in a room?

If you’ve got a room with multiple windows or doors, you might find that one type of window dressing isn't be suitable for them all. In this case, you can still have plenty of fun mixing and matching different window dressings, while keeping your room looking pulled together.

Colour and function

Large areas like kitchen diners often have multiple windows and doors. Windows in a kitchen area may need to be more practical to withstand heat and steam, while dining spaces might call for softness and style. In this kitchen, we’ve opted for a wipeable, moisture resistant Roller blind by the sink, and introduced a vibrant teal with curtains at the door.

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