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Pollution neutralising curtains

In-home experts devise innovative solution to tackle inner city pollution

Samantha Gibson

by Samantha Gibson

Trend and Styling Expert

Published: 09/04/2018

In the fight to find effective, long term solutions to the health problems caused by high levels of inner city pollution, in home experts at Hillarys are looking into the possibility of using existing pollution-busting nano-technology in the future manufacture of made-to-measure curtains.

The pollution neutralising curtain concept could benefit thousands of city dwelling Britons who are currently unwilling to open their windows because of the harmful effects of airborne pollutants.

To transform standard curtains into pollution busters, the curtain fabric would be coated with a chemical substance that acts as a photocatalyst, becoming active when subjected to a light source, such as the sun or artificial lighting within the home.


When the light hits the photocatalyst, electrons on the material are rearranged and become reactive. These electrons react with water molecules in the air and break apart into two highly reactive radicals. These radicals go on to actively break down harmful pollutants in the air, converting them into non-harmful chemicals.  

While most pollutants would be broken down on immediate contact with the radicals, some may escape and attach to the curtain fabric without being broken down. However, these pollutants could be easily removed by simply laundering the curtains.

Tara Hall, spokesperson for Hillarys said: ‘The great thing about pollution neutralising textiles is that they are cost-effective and inclusive. In the future, everybody could have these innovative curtains in their home and do their bit to reduce levels of harmful pollution’.