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Critter Calculator

Infographic Reveals UK’s Most Common Bugs

avatar of Emily Booth

by Emily Booth

A new infographic reveals which critters we’re most likely to be sharing our homes with.

From bed bugs in London to cockroaches in the Midlands and rats in Northern Ireland and Wales, the infographic, which has been developed using research by home interiors specialists Hillarys leading interiors expert in blinds, curtains and shutters, shows the unwelcome guests that homeowners need to be on the lookout for – if they prefer to know the names of everyone who lives in their house.


The top creepy crawlies by region are:

  • London – Bed Bugs
  • Midlands - Cockroaches
  • North East – Ants
  • North West – Mice
  • Northern Ireland - Rats
  • South East – Flies
  • South West - Wasps
  • Scotland – Birds
  • Wales - Rats

Tara Hall, spokesperson for Hillarys, said:

“Discovering you have unwanted critters living in your home can be unnerving. This tool could help homeowners take action to prevent an infestation in the first place.”