Sleepiest Nations


Our team of sleep experts have conducted research to find out the sleepiest locations both across the world and in the UK.

Research has been carried out to find where in the world people get the most amount of sleep per night, looking at the average amount of sleep for 60 countries around the world. We have also delved into 40 UK cities to see which city gets the most sleep, on average, every night.


If you’re envying a good, long night’s sleep, you should consider a move to Norwich as their residents get the most amount of sleep, on average, per night, at 7.6 hours of sleep per night. If you fancy somewhere further afield however, residents from Bulgaria get the most amount of sleep, topping 12 hours of sleep per night.



The top ten UK cities that get the most amount of sleep per night are: 


  1. Norwich – 7.6 hours per night
  2. Southampton – 7.3 hours per night
  3. Dundee – 7.2 hours per night
  4. Gloucester – 7.1 hours per night
  5. Swansea – 7 hours per night
  6. York – 7 hours per night
  7. Exeter – 6.9 hours per night
  8. London – 6.9 hours per night
  9. Sunderland – 6.9 hours per night
  10. Carlisle – 6.8 hours per night


The top five countries around the world that get the most amount of sleep are:


    1. Bulgaria – 12 hours per night
    2. Angola – 10.2 hours per night
    3. Sri Lanka – 8.1 hours per night
    4. Australia – 8 hours per night
    5. Barbados – 8 hours per night



All worldwide data was collected 10/02/22

All UK regional city data was collected via a survey to 5,000 UK residents over the age of 18