Summery Streets


The team at Hillarys wanted to discover whether having a summery word in your street name increases the value of your home.  

Looking at over 40 street names with popular words associated with summer, we found that the top 10 most expensive summery streets all have properties selling over the average national UK house price of £278,000*. 



Research found that street names with August, Sea and Daisy in them were the most expensive. “August Lane” came out as the most expensive summery street name, where the average house price over the past 3 years is a whopping £2,450,000 almost ten times more that the average UK house price of £278,000.   

This was followed by “Sea Avenue” where the average selling price is £707,154 and “Daisy Green” where the average price is £660,000. 

The team also looked at street names with ice cream flavours in them, with “Raisins Hill”, “Strawberry Crescent” and “Honeycomb Leaze” coming out as the most expensive ice cream streets. 



Also making the top 10 ice cream street names were “Strawberry Hill”, “Mint Close” and “Rum Close” all having homes with an average selling price over the national average proving that having a sweet name can increase the value of your home! 

Source: ONS - March 2022