Nerdiest Cities: New Tool Can Tell You How Nerdy Your City Is, Read On To Find Out More…

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Ever wondered how geeky your city or town is? Well wonder no more, as you can find out with this brand-new tool that allows you to pick any city in the UK and it will tell you exactly how nerdy it is.

We gathered these results by looking into how many residents there are in each chosen destination per comic book store, annual convention, video game store, traditional gaming store, computer store and book store.

Batman, Wonder Woman, Iron Man and Captain America, have all grown in popularity thanks to blockbuster movies; gaming has become more assessable as technology has advanced and some comic book properties now rake in millions each year.

We wanted to find out where in the UK those with typically nerdier tastes, whether it be a love of gaming, comics or D&D, should live. Along with researching how many comic book and video game stores each location has, we also looked into the number of LARPing (Live Action Role Play) groups, museums and annual sci-fi conventions there are per person to determine the nerdiest locale.

All a user has to do is enter where in the UK they would like to check out and the tool then displays a map of that area and how many of each nerdy contributing factors the location has.

We found the following towns and cities were the nerdiest for a variety of factors:


Sci-fi conventions. 1 convention per 36,753 people.

Video games stores. 1 store per 2,205 people.


Comic book stores. 1 store per 8,567 people.


Computer stores. 1 store per 859 people.


Traditional gaming stores. 1 store per 3,963 people.

LARPing groups. 1 group per 8,885 people.


Book stores. 1 store per 2,962 people.

Museums. 1 museum per 8,885 people.


The tool also shows an overview of the overall rankings with the following 10 cities showing as ‘nerd havens’:


  1. Portsmouth (has the least number of people per contributing nerdy factor)
  2. Cork
  3. Gloucester
  4. Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
  5. Southampton
  6. Cheltenham
  7. Belfast
  8. Kingston Upon Hull
  9. Manchester
  10. Oxford

Nerdiest Cities

Fancy a play? Check out the Nerdiest Cities tool here and see how your home town or city fares: