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Your guide to Vertical blinds

by Yvonne Keal

Product Management specialist

Published: 17/11/2016

Updated: 21/09/2023

Vertical blinds consist of a series of vertical fabric louvres or slats, which can be twisted to close and obscure the window or opened wide to let in lots of light. They're a functional window dressing, but with a wide variety of fabric choices available, they can be an aesthetically pleasing and contemporary option too. Here we take you through the many benefits of choosing Vertical blinds for your windows.

1. What are Vertical blinds?

While horizontal blinds like metal or wood Venetians move up and down, Vertical blinds move side to side. Each individual vertical louvre hangs down from a headrail with a chain at the bottom linking them together and a cord or wand positioned at one side to operate them. An excellent choice for large windows like bays, or wide sliding patio doors, Vertical blinds give a feeling of spaciousness and height, letting in plenty of natural light while maintaining your privacy. Stacking to the side when open, they create a completely exposed window for light to come through as well as an unobstructed view of the outside world when you want it.

2. What are Vertical blinds made of?

Our Vertical blinds are made of various fabrics, including stunning plains and textures. As well as looking stylish, a number of these fabrics have special properties to help manage the different problems that windows can bring.

We've dim-out and glare reduction fabrics which help manage bright sunlight more effectively, particularly useful for home offices, living rooms and bedrooms. For bathrooms and kitchens, you can choose moisture resistant and wipe-able finishes like our PVC Vertical blinds.

3. Why choose Vertical blinds?

Versatile control: Easily tilt the slats to let in a little sunlight or create a private, cosy atmosphere by closing them completely.
Ideal for large windows and doors: Can be made very wide, perfect for covering large windows, sliding glass doors, or even as room dividers.
Styles to suit any décor: Choose from a wide range of fabrics, colours, and textures. Whether you prefer a modern, chic look or a more traditional style, there's an option to suit your taste.
Easy to clean: These blinds are low-maintenance and easy to clean, making them a practical choice for busy households.
Cord or wand operation: You can choose between corded or wand operation, providing flexibility in how you control and adjust the blinds.
Split option: If you desire a curtain-like effect, you can opt to split your Vertical blinds down the middle, with slats elegantly moving to both sides.

4. What rooms are Vertical blinds best for?

Living rooms: Vertical blinds work well in living rooms, especially for covering large windows or sliding doors. They provide excellent light control and privacy while adding a stylish touch to the space.

Bedrooms: These blinds are suitable for bedrooms where you want to control the amount of natural light and maintain privacy. You can choose from a wide range of fabric options to match your bedroom décor.

Dining rooms: Vertical blinds can create an elegant look in the dining room while allowing you to adjust the lighting to create the right atmosphere for family meals and gatherings.

Kitchens: Vertical blinds are a practical choice for kitchens. They are easy to clean and can help regulate light while you're cooking or dining.

Home offices: If you have a home office with large windows, Vertical blinds can help reduce glare on computer screens and provide privacy during work hours.

Bathrooms: For bathroom windows, consider moisture-resistant Vertical blinds that can withstand the humidity in the room while offering privacy.

Sunrooms and conservatories: Vertical blinds are often used in sunrooms or conservatories to control sunlight and temperature, allowing you to enjoy the space comfortably year-round.

5. Are Vertical blinds good for bay windows?

The beauty of Vertical blinds is their versatility. Vertical blinds can be used with bay windows and other window shapes too especially windows that curve.

The head-rail can be easily shaped to work around the bend of your window, and the individual louvres can be cut to different lengths to fit almost any space, including sloping windows.

We'll take care of all the measuring and fitting so you can be sure of a really neat result.



6. Can you get Vertical blinds without the chain?

Our range of Verticals blinds can be chainless.

Each louvre is weighted at the bottom to eliminate the need for stabilising chains along the bottom of the blind.

As well as creating a much neater look, this makes them ideal for doorways where children and pets might be moving through.


lady with blonde hair using a thin sponge to clean a white vertical blind

7. How do I clean Vertical blinds?

It's so easy to keep your Vertical blinds looking good. Our handy guide gives you plenty of advice on how to keep them in pristine condition, from choosing the right cleaning attachment for your vacuum to using the right technique for tackling tough stains. Follow along with the video to find plenty of easy ways to keep your Verticals looking a good as the day they were fitted.

Read our handy cleaning guide

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