Interior design tips for a more sustainable home

by Yvonne Keal

Product Management specialist

Published: 15/11/2016

Updated: 01/11/2023

Inspired by Oliver Heath

Oliver Heath is best known as a presenter and guest designer on home improvement TV shows including DIY SOS, where he has lent his professional expertise in sustainable architectural and interior design to a variety of interior projects.

Knowing just how passionate Oliver is about sustainable design, we challenged him to style the ultimate happy home using blinds and curtains from our range. 

Wood is good

As Oliver says, organic-based designs, patterns and textures reminds us of positive experiences we’ve had within nature and have been shown to reduce stress, creating a calming, restorative quality in the home. Numerous studies have found that wood reduces heart rate and has a calming, restorative effect. Its repetitive patterns and textures, warm tactile feel, and the way light reflects off it, help us to reconnect with nature and strengthen our inherent love of it. The same principles also apply to the home – so wooden shutters and blinds like these in Oliver's spare bedroom not only look great but can be good for your health and well-being too.

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Recycled chic

Oliver’s home is full to the brim with beautiful objects and textural surfaces created using recycled and repurposed materials. So, it was no surprise that Oliver chose gorgeous blinds from our range of Roller blinds made from 100% recycled polyester yarn for the windows in his living room. Oliver loves the semi-sheer fabric which allows lots of natural light into his home while giving him much needed privacy too.

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Sustainable choices

Oliver Heath, architectural and interior designer
I'm delighted that Hillarys are using recycled polyester in some of their blinds and that I can be more sustainable at home.
Oliver Heath, architectural and interior designer

Mood changers

We start in the kitchen where Oliver has chosen a Day and Night transition blind. These clever kitchen blinds combine two fabrics in one blind, giving you the flexibility to combine colours and performance attributes to create different moods, adapt to specific environments and reflect the changing light levels throughout the day.

Oliver has teamed a light and bright Malbec White Pleated blind with a rich Grenoble Chocolate Pleated blind, allowing him to seamlessly change the mood from light and airy to warm and romantic.

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Cosy up

When it comes to happy homes, we all love to curl up in the cosiest of spaces. So when it came to choosing window dressings for his bedroom, Oliver needed something that would help keep the space snug. ThermaShade™ blinds offer a practical solution to help you reduce energy needed for heating in your home. They're made up of honeycomb-shaped cells that trap air and create a barrier between your warm room and the cold window to help keep your space at a comfortable temperature.

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Lovely layers

Oliver teamed his Thermal blinds with luxurious blue curtains for a double insulating layer. The pairing not only looks great‚ but is extremely effective in reducing heat loss through your windows, helping you to create a more energy efficient home.

For rooms where you want additional light control as well as warmth, team thermal curtains with blackout blinds. They're a great way to minimise light levels in your bedroom to create a restful environment for sleep.


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Back to nature

Biophilic design is an ever growing trend as we all look to make more sustainable choices with an décor. Bringing the outdoors in can make your home feel closer to nature, boost your mood and turn your space into a mindful sanctuary of all things green and good. It's easy to bring home the blooms through your window dressings with floral patterns in soft Roman blind and curtain fabrics, or simply fill your space with lovely houseplants and feel their physical benefits as well as admire their good looks.

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Sustainable design tip

Oliver Heath, architectural and interior designer
Plants create a more recuperative space - they have great physical benefits, helping to remove toxins and reduce stress.
Oliver Heath, architectural and interior designer

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