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Christmas dining table place set with gold coloured cutlery, candles and foliage, white vertical blinds in the background

Laurie Davidson's contemporary festive dining ideas

From contemporary and colourful to sparkling Scandi, there are so many ways to dress a dining table for Christmas Day.

Laurie’s Tips for Styling Christmas

Interior stylist Laurie Davidson shows us that the Christmas tree doesn’t have to be the star of the show.

Laurie davidson in a room with white curtains and grey walls

by Laurie Davidson

Hillarys style partner

Published: 17/11/2020

Layer up

They don’t call it tablescaping for nothing – think of your table as you would a landscaped garden, where you’d begin with your base (the lawn, or in this case, a tablecloth or runner) , then work in extra textures and colours, with foliage, crockery and accessories of different heights and materials for interest.

Creating an arrangement overhead means more space on the table for Christmas dishes!
Laurie Davidson

Create a focal point

A floral or dried grass arrangement overhead will give your table wow-factor, and creates a centre point from which you can work around when decorating.

Get the lighting right

Adjust blinds or curtains to get the required amount of light, leave off overhead lights and create a soft ambience with lamps, candles and lots of twinkly fairy lights.

Get Laurie’s style

The soft Vertical blinds dressing Laurie’s doors complement the contemporary design of her Christmas table beautifully.

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