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Interior designer Abigail Ahern shares the inspiration behind her darkly glamorous new collection

The insider’s guide to Abigail Ahern

We take you down the rabbit hole and into the magical world of Abigail Ahern.  Unlock the secrets of  Abigail’s design style and create your own unique spin on her signature look. 

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I want people to feel like they’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and they’re in this really, incredibly beautiful world
Abigail Ahern

Tribal vibes

Deep earthy tones, naive tribal markings and rough-hewn hunks of wood are just some of the elements Abigail incorporates into her designs to add texture and personality. In this Wild-West-meets-landed-gentry interior, desert dwelling cacti and a traditional kilim rug mingle happily with a classic Chesterfield sofa and luxe velvet Cley Donkey Roman blinds.


Edgy glamour

Dark and brooding paint shades create the perfect backdrop for colour-popping accessories and luxe textiles in sheepskin, velvet and leather. Here, a Beats Haze Roman blind with Colette fringing in Soleil is teamed with Cley Mole curtains for an uber cool, layered look.


This collection is super glam but also incredibly refined and pared back
Abigail Ahern

Chandelier chic

Lighting can be instrumental in setting the mood in your interior, and Abigail Ahern is renowned for her love of oversized, statement chandeliers. Whatever the size of your space, a chandelier will instantly make it feel grander. In this laid-back living room, a Morton Tar Roman blind with Colette Kohl fringing provides a sophisticated backdrop for the feature lighting.  



Just as Alice forced her frame into the tiny proportions of the rabbit hole, Abigail Ahern loves to create magical visual illusions by playing around with scale. In this stunning dining room, a majestic table is surrounded by elegantly proportioned chairs on hairpin legs. The effect is visually mesmerising. We’ve picked out Colette Celeste fringing for our Harkness Gasoline Roman blinds to carry the creamy accents around the room.

This collection of velvets and other beautiful textured textiles really lifts the style ratings of your space.
Abigail Ahern
Black and gold coloured curtains fitted to a bay shaped window in a living room with dark wood floors and a dark coloured sofa

Tex mix

Abigail Ahern interiors are rich with textural contrasts. Vintage rugs on dark wood floors, flocked lamps on luxe metallic tables and bold pops of colour against fade-out prints all make up this multi-layered look. Cadillac Noir Roman blinds with Colette Vixen fringing perfectly reflect the rough luxe feel.


Luxe appeal

An Abigail Ahern interior is like a sensory shot in the arm. Every surface demands to be touched, stroked and caressed, either to experience its raw beauty or to dive into its soft depths. Nothing says luxury quite like velvet, so this velvet curtain-sofa combo is super glam. We’ve chosen statement Harkness Gasoline curtains to dress this feature bay window.


View the Abigail Ahern collection

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Abigail Ahern collection

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Abigail ahern Roman blinds fitted to a window

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