How Often Do You Clean Your...?

New Infographic Shows Cleaning Frequency Of Men And Women Vs Expert Recommendations

We created the ‘How Often Do You Clean Your…?’ infographic to highlight how far from the recommended cleaning frequency the general public are. 

Included in the infographic are the following male vs female vs expert recommendation comparisons:

  1. Change bed sheets

Men – once a month

Women - twice a month

Expert recommendation – once a week

  1. Clean windows

Men – once a year

Women – once a month

Expert recommendation – every two weeks

  1. Clean oven

Men – never

Women – once a year

Expert recommendation – every 3-6 months

  1. Cleaning teeth

Men – once a day

Women – twice a day

Expert recommendation – twice a day

  1. Sweep or mop the house

Men – every 30 days

Women – every other day

Expert recommendation – every day