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  • Made-to-measure for a perfect fit
  • Moisture-resistant and light-reflecting fabrics
  • Ideal for doors and large windows
  • Measuring and fitting included


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Transform your conservatory

Conservatories include large expanses of glass, patio doors and even sloping windows, and Vertical blinds effortlessly dress them all. The versatile design will provide you with beautiful light and privacy control.

For windows next to doors, split drop blinds are the ideal solution, helping to balance windows and doors of varying heights. We’ve a range of moisture resistant fabrics too – perfect for spaces that tend to get humid or vary in temperature. Or choose light resistant styles for sunny spaces. You’ll love our varied range of plains, neutrals, patterns and brights.

Sit back and relax

...we’ll take care of everything. When you make a free home appointment with Hillarys, you’ll see our full range of conservatory blinds in the comfort of your own home. And you’ll benefit from loads of advice from your local advisor. They’ll finish by measuring up and leaving you with a quote to consider.

Blinds that fit like a glove

Made-to-measure is something special. Our bespoke service takes the guesswork out of dressing windows – perfect for a room full of varying sized panes. Split drops, doors or sloping windows; tricky features are no barrier to a beautiful finish.

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