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pleated blue blinds in a conservatory living room window

ThermaShade™ Pleated blinds

  • Honeycomb cells can reduce heat loss by up to 51%
  • Neat cordless design, perfect for draughty windows
  • Available in blackout fabrics
  • Measuring and fitting included


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19 options
  • Side view showing honeycomb in Cream swatch for pleated blinds
    INTU Micro Hive Cream
    Pleated Blind
  • Side view showing honeycomb in grey swatch for pleated blinds
    INTU Micro Hive Grey
    Pleated Blind
  • Side view showing honeycomb in white  swatch for pleated blinds
    INTU Micro Hive White
    Pleated Blind
  • Light blue lined fabric swatch
    ThermaShade™ Azure
    Pleated Blind
  • Thermashade blackout yellow swatch for pleated blinds
    House Beautiful Collection
    ThermaShade™ Blackout Yellow
    Pleated Blind
  • Beige lined fabric swatch
    ThermaShade™ Calico
    Pleated Blind
  • Thermashade chalk fabric swatch
    ThermaShade™ Chalk
    Pleated Blind
  • Thermashade charcoal fabric swatch
    ThermaShade™ Charcoal
    Pleated Blind
  • Thermashade chilli fabric swatch
    ThermaShade™ Chilli
    Pleated Blind
  • White lined fabric swatch
    ThermaShade™ Cotton
    Pleated Blind
  • Thermashade cream fabric swatch
    ThermaShade™ Cream
    Pleated Blind
  • Thermashade linen fabric swatch
    ThermaShade™ Linen
    Pleated Blind

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Say goodbye to your old conservatory

Not just neat to look at, our ThermaShade™ Pleated blinds have a hidden secret. Within each blind, two layers of fabric form honeycomb cells that trap the heat and help to keep things warm.

According to research by the British Blind & Shutter Association, these clever air pockets can reduce the amount of heat lost through single glazed windows by as much as 51%, resulting in a cosy atmosphere and lower utility bills.

Our ThermaShade™ Pleated blinds provide the perfect solution for conservatories that feel chilly over the winter months, helping you to create a space you’ll love to use all year round. And their thermal insulation properties are ideal for draughty windows throughout the rest of the home too.

The beautiful, neat design is cordless; the tab operating system means that you simply push the blind into position for complete light and privacy control at your fingertips. With blackout fabrics available too, Thermashade™ Pleated blinds are also a fantastic choice for bedrooms. And for an extra snug feel, layer curtains with our Thermashade ™ Pleated blinds to help transform your space into a cosy haven.

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