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Brown Venetian blinds

Brown Venetian blinds offer an array of versatile options, from stylish copper finishes, to nature-inspired wooden tones

Hillarys advisor giving advice to a customer during an in-home appointment


Our metal Venetian blinds are made-to-measure to fit your windows perfectly. Choose your preferred finish and slat width and we’ll create bespoke blinds that’re completely unique to you

Hillarys advisor measuring a window ready for an expert fitting

Free expert fitting

Measuring and fitting is included as standard. It’s all part of our dedicated in-home service


Brown venetian blinds

So many gorgeous fabrics to choose from. We’ll bring them all for you to browse during your in-home appointment.

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21 options
  • Light wood colour swatch with fine grain detail
    Aluwood American Elm
    Venetian blind
  • Bright brown wood colour with grain detail
    Aluwood Cherry
    Venetian blind
  • Bright yellow coloured wood with fine grain detail
    Aluwood Chestnut
    Venetian blind
  • Light brown wood colour swatch with grain detail
    Aluwood Conker
    Venetian blind
  • Beige coloured wood with fine dark grain detail
    Aluwood Elderberry
    Venetian blind
  • Orange colored wood with grain detail
    Aluwood Hornbeam
    Venetian blind
  • Dark brown coloured wood with dark grain detail
    Aluwood Mahogany
    Venetian blind
  • Light brown coloured wood with a fine grain detail
    Aluwood Scottish Pine
    Venetian blind
  • Yellow coloured wood with fine grain detail
    Aluwood Sugar Maple
    Venetian blind
  • Portfolio Latte
    Studio collection
    Portfolio Latte
    Venetian blind
  • Portfolio Soft Brown
    Portfolio Soft Brown
    Venetian blind
  • Sheer Luxury Brushed Copper
    Sheer Luxury Brushed Copper
    Venetian blind

Sit back, relax. Let us do it all.

All expertly measured

We do the measuring and advise you on the perfect solution for your window

All tailor-made for you

All our products are made to order for an exact fit

All fitted to perfection

We do the fitting, and all our products are fully guaranteed

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Browse Venetian blinds by colour

Stylish brown Venetian blinds

Our brown Venetian blinds come in a wide variety of shades and finishes to suit your décor. Delicious pralines and lattes look good enough to eat, while coppers and bronzes have a luxurious appeal. Lastly, brown Venetian blinds in walnut and mahogany hues are inspired by the great outdoors.

And if you’d like to combine the versatility of metal with the natural good looks of wood, consider our Aluwood collection. These clever brown Venetian blinds are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, as they will not warp in steamy or humid conditions.

Brown Venetian blinds offer so many practical benefits. Their adjustable slats allow you to create a private retreat. Open them completely, close them, or tilt them to let a little sun in while keeping prying eyes out.

To see our range in your home, simply book a free, no-obligation appointment. Your local Hillarys advisor will visit your home at a convenient time and show you samples of our brown Venetian blinds.

Your expert advisor will also explain how we can personalise your Venetian blinds to suit your needs. As well as a stunning selection of shades, we also provide a choice of slat widths. Smaller slats are fantastic for privacy, while larger slats allow lots of lovely light to stream into your room.

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