Blackout Velux® blinds

If you’ve got a skylight window, you’ll love the way the light floods in and brightens your space. But when night falls, you’ll want to enjoy a good night’s sleep. A blackout Velux® or skylight fabric could really help. Take a look at our gorgeous range, and book a free home appointment to see our fabrics in the flesh.

  • Velux® blinds to fit Velux® windows

  • Hillarys skylight blinds 

  • Clever frame for brilliant blackout effect

  • Motorised options and rods 

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Style your skylight window with beautiful blinds

Our range of blackout Velux® and skylight blind fabrics are perfect for pitched roof windows. The clever frames provide a brilliant blackout effect when the blinds are closed, to help you get a good night’s sleep.

As well as our own range of skylight blinds, we offer genuine Velux® blinds for Velux® windows. So whatever you use your loft space for, skylight windows need not be a barrier to a stylish finish at the window. Choose from sophisticated plains and stunning patterns to match your décor scheme.

Skylight windows means they can sometimes be hard to reach. Luckily, we’ve got it covered. Your blackout Velux® blinds can be motorised, or choose a rod for an easy open-close option.

Choose your Velux® blinds with the help of a Hillarys advisor

When you make a home appointment with your local Hillarys advisor, you’re benefitting from expert advice tailored to your exact windows. Skylight and Velux® windows can be tricky, but your advisor will have all the answers.

You’ll be able to see how each sample looks at your window to help you pick the perfect hue for your home. Then your advisor will measure your skylight windows and leave you with a quote to consider.

Get the perfect fit for your Velux® blinds

Made-to-measure blinds and skylight windows are a match made in heaven. Here’s why… The sloping nature of these windows means you need something that fits perfectly – no one wants an unsightly dangling curtain or blind. And our bespoke service gives you the perfect fit, every time.

And of course, when your blinds fit perfectly, you can ensure a great room-darkening effect too – a real plus for bedrooms.