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Scenic concept blinds

Samantha Gibson

by Samantha Gibson

Trend and Styling Expert

Published: 26/03/2019

Wherever you live in the world, you can enjoy idyllic views from your window with blinds that stream a range of inspiring landscapes.   

Scenic blinds, a concept product from Hillarys, feature a transparent OLED display within the blind fabric that can stream high definition images onto the blind itself. So if you’re tired of looking out onto a concrete jungle, with Scenic blinds you can instantly transport yourself into a tropical rainforest, a luxury beach resort or the English countryside.

“This is a fun idea which could also be beneficial for health and wellbeing, especially for anyone suffering from low moods in the winter months” says Tara Hall of Hillarys. “Who wouldn’t want an escape from looking out on a dark and dreary winter world every morning?”

Scenic blinds will be made of three layers – a flexible and transparent layer of OLED lights fitted over the blind fabric and blackout lining. The OLED display layer will stream pre-selected images onto the outer blind fabric, controlled by a simple app that can be downloaded onto any smartphone.

When the OLED display is switched off, the blind will function like any other blind in the home, providing a stylish finish with enhanced light control afforded by the blackout lining.

Tara Hall from Hillarys added: “We’re used to regularly changing the view on our laptop and smartphone screens and so it’s a natural evolution to extend this technology into our homes. And why pay a premium price for a home that’s close to the sea, or that’s surrounded by countryside, when you can enjoy any view in the world with your Scenic blinds?”