Best Sounds For Sleep

The team at Hillarys have analysed Spotify playlists to discover the best artists and songs to induce a peaceful night's sleep for your furry friends! 


Dogs & Cats 

After analysing the top eight calming playlists for dogs and cats, each song on every playlist was rated out of 100 for the following 5 genres: happy, energy, acoustic, instrumental and dance.  The research discovered that the most soothing genre of music to relax pets is acoustic. 

To discover which artists are the most likely to relax your furry friend, we analysed the top playlist for acoustic songs which revealed that Coldplay is the top artist to relax your dogs and cats followed by Ed sheeran and John Mayer. 

Coldplay’s current highest scoring acoustic song is The Scientist.


After analysing the top ten sleeping playlists, the research found that the most soothing artist to send us off to sleep is The Weeknd, followed by Drake and One Direction. The Weeknd had a total of 29 songs across the 10 playlists.