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Browse hundreds of gorgeous styles and order samples online. We’ll also bring our full range to you at your in-home appointment.

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  • White coloured wood with dark fine grain detail
    Aluwood Alpine
    Venetian blind
  • Light wood colour swatch with fine grain detail
    Aluwood American Elm
    Venetian blind
  • Bright brown wood colour with grain detail
    Aluwood Cherry
    Venetian blind
  • Bright yellow coloured wood with fine grain detail
    Aluwood Chestnut
    Venetian blind
  • Orange colored wood with grain detail
    Aluwood Hornbeam
    Venetian blind
  • Dark brown coloured wood with dark grain detail
    Aluwood Mahogany
    Venetian blind
  • Light brown coloured wood with a fine grain detail
    Aluwood Scottish Pine
    Venetian blind
  • Yellow coloured wood with fine grain detail
    Aluwood Sugar Maple
    Venetian blind
  • Portfolio Black Gloss
    Portfolio Black Gloss
    Venetian blind
  • Portfolio Classic White
    Portfolio Classic White
    Venetian blind
  • Portfolio Cool Aqua
    Portfolio Cool Aqua
    Venetian blind
  • Portfolio Cream
    Portfolio Cream
    Venetian blind

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