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Discover a range of gorgeous colours, prints and textures.

Browse our range of curtain fabrics and order up to eight free samples. Can't decide? We'll bring them all to your appointment.

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  • White fabric with scatterings of blue that repeat throughout the fabric creating a winter look
    Drift Indigo
  • Darcia Velvet Teal
  • Lyon Petrol Blue
  • Darcia Velvet Taupe
  • Cream background citrine patterned fabric swatch in living etc campaign
    Livingetc collection
    Impala Citrine
  • Grey coloured fabric with white and dark grey patterns that resemble rock
    Studio collection
    Onyx Marble
  • Darcia Velvet Rose
  • Vedra  Amarilla fabric swatch featuring hand embroidery on yellow background
    Livingetc collection
    Vedra Amarilla
  • A roll of fabric that is decorated with the letters of the alphabet and animals that matching each word
    ABC Animals
  • Folded fabric in a rich purple colour
    Studio collection
    Abyss Aura
  • Folded fabric in a neutral colour with a repeating leaf and stem pattern in a slightly darker style
    Adhara Lilac Hush
  • Neutral coloured fabric which has been folded is decorated with a repeating leaf and stem design
    Adhara Silver Birch

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