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Fool would-be intruders with Smart Silhouette curtains

Samantha Gibson by Samantha Gibson

Trick any would-be burglars into thinking you’re home when you’re not, with clever Silhouette curtains that give the appearance of figures moving around inside your home. 

Silhouette curtains, a concept product from Hillarys, use LED lights within the curtain fabric to create the impression of family members moving around inside the home.

As well as providing a stylish and practical window covering, Silhouette curtains offer an extra level of security and reassurance whenever you leave the house.

“Lots of people worry about whether they should leave their curtains open or closed when they go away” says Tara Hall of Hillarys. “Silhouette curtains offer a real solution to this dilemma, keeping prying eyes out, but still creating the illusion that someone’s home.”

The silhouette curtain will be made up of three layers – in addition to the outer curtain fabric and inner blackout lining, an additional layer of LED lights will be sewn in between the two. The LED lights will be pre-programmed to switch on and off in sequence, creating the silhouette effect.

With the LED lights switched off, the curtains will look and perform exactly the same as traditional curtains, with a choice of stylish fabrics and practical blackout linings for effective light control.

The lights would be operated via Smartphone app, with the option to remotely set the frequency and timing of movements across the windows.

A sequence of realistic scenarios could be set to play across any window in the home at different intervals throughout the evening, from a family gathering to a heated discussion, a cat curled up on the windowsill or a large dog patrolling the house. 

Tanya Irons from Hillarys added: “The opportunity for incorporating Smart Technology into textile design is something that, as market leaders we’re keen to explore. Home security is something that concerns us all, and emerging technology means we can now play our part in keeping the nations’ homes safe as well as stylish.”