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Craig Edwards

Group sales and customer services director

Joined the team: 1997

"There’s a strong belief in developing employees at Hillarys. The fact that I started as an account manager straight out of university and am now one of the company directors shows how much is possible here."


Craig Edwards

"My Story"

Account manager: 1997

"I’d just finished a degree in geography and wanted to join the army. But my plans changed when I realised the opportunities available at Hillarys."

Specialist products junior manager: 1999

"This was my first job on the commercial side of the business – and I loved it."

Trainee sales manager: 2000

"My enthusiasm saw me given a chance to train as a sales manager."

First year of MBA programme: 2000

"Hillarys saw potential in me and put me through the MBA programme. It was a lot of hard work, but it gave me a new understanding of the business."


"Being a field sales manager gave me a team to motivate and look after. It was a real responsibility and a significant point in my career"

Retail area manager: 2003

"I was able to learn about retail, broadening my understanding of Hillarys."

Regional sales manager: 2003

"Becoming regional sales manager meant looking after more than 400 sales advisors."

Second year of MBA programme: 2003

"The next step in my MBA: both an eye-opening and a challenging course"

General manager specialist products: 2006

"My challenge was to turn a small part of the business into a significant source of profit. I had to develop new products, set up a marketing plan, and build both a sales and a customer services team. It was an incredible experience."

Final year of MBA programme: 2006

"Completing an MBA helped prepare me for the future, giving me a real breadth and depth of knowledge."

Head of sales: 2008

"Being promoted to this role recognised my commitment and hard work, both on the job and in the classroom."

Sales director: 2011

"I was hugely proud to become sales director. It was a big moment in my career and the culmination of many important steps."

Current role: Group sales and customer service director

"There’s always a new challenge at Hillarys. My current position is a first for the business and sees me looking after sales and service for the whole group."